2017 San Diego Spring Break

By Tee1

It’s ok! San Diego Spring Break is back again. I went for a bike ride a couple days ago up to the beach and found thousands of people that are not supposed to be there. 2017 San Diego Spring Break is in full swing.

Nobody took them seriously

It looks like a pretty civilized crowd all things considered. I have run through Cancun a couple times during Spring and this is nothing like that. The beach in San Diego is actually a little closer to Smathers Beach in Key West. This was just a bunch of people lying around on the beach in California enjoying some sunshine and having fun. Things probably got a little more exciting at night in PB, but the daylight hours did not feature any wet t-shirt contests or twerking exhibits.

Worst Party Ever

A pair of my European friends had an epic Spring Break party in Malta not that long ago. 2015 to be exact. The planning for it started in my living room on a dreary afternoon. While flipping channels,  some skimpy bikinis in a horrendous B movie caught somebody’s attention. After a brief explanation of Spring Break to the Euros, we got some beers and acted foolishly throughout the rest of the day.

2017 San Diego Spring Break

A few more people were invited over and ultimately Deniz and Dan decided they were going to be beach vacation party promotors. It was great idea for a few laughs. Absolutely nobody was taking them seriously. I think they must have kept the party going, because the next week I learned they rented out a medieval fort that held a massive amount of people and hired a couple DJs.

Now that they had a great venue and music sorted, all they needed to do was let people know about it. Not a terribly difficult task for people who promote online casinos for a living. They had a month. Mañana does come sooner than expected though, especially when you need to fill up a huge space with hundreds of people to recoup your money. 

[otw_shortcode_quote border_style=”bordered”]I saw four Arab guys dancing together the last time I looked in[/otw_shortcode_quote]

A couple days before their event, they half-heartedly started trying to get the word out to the masses. As the party was kicking off, I wandered over to see what was going on. I saw a friend at the door charging an 8 euro cover fee.  Downstairs there were about 10 people, with space for nearly 600. At no point, was there ever more than 20 lost souls.  I saw four Arab guys dancing together the last time I looked in.

While I was leaving, some little Spanish girl screamed at the guy at the door, this is the worst party ever. The guys broke even and managed to pay for lunch the next day.