A hot day at the beach

By Tee1

Do you know how to enjoy a hot day at the beach during your beach vacation get away? Surprisingly, it’s probably easier than getting ready for a moderately chilly day on the sand. There are, however, a handful of things that are absolutely required to love your hot day at the beach.   The top of any list of things to you need to bring is plenty of water. Ideally, you don’t have to bring too much stuff in general (excluding water, of course).

Hace calor

To properly kick back when you are lucky enough to get a day at the beach, bring a chair and a towel. You might as well be comfortable while you are roasting in the sun. If kids are going to be around, be responsible and make sure there is shade.

Bring sunblock: You can’t enjoy a hot day on the beach if you get burned

Don’t tempt fate! If you are fair skinned, put some sun block on. A hot day at the beach doesn’t need to mean sunburn, especially if you are partying in a hot place like Malta. Protecting your skin when you are outside in the sun, should be common sense these days. If you are still chain smoking, don’t sweat it. You’re good.

Shades and Hat? Hard to picture a hot day at the beach without them!

Shades don’t do much for the heat, but a hot sunny day on the on the beach would be torture without them. Your hat can be a fashion statement, if that’s the kind of person you are. A simple baseball hat serves the needs of the masses pretty well here. Either way, keeping the sun out of your eyes increases the people watching fun.

Keep your costs down: no need to break the bank for fun in the sun

Pack a sandwich with you. A day on the the beach should not cost an arm and a leg to enjoy. If you aren’t careful though, costs can rapidly skyrocket when you add in food and drinks at an overpriced beach restaurant of dubious quality. Bring a cooler with water and some beers, ice tea etc. Whatever works for you. Be sure to pack it to the top with ice and you are good. Definitely bring a few bucks for fries or an ice cream though. Not everywhere is going to be like dollar beers in Cruz Bay, St. John.

Beach Toys : impossible for a day without playing

Bring some toys for the beach. There is nothing like throwing a football or tossing a frisbee on a nice beach day. Building sandcastles is another activity that can involve the whole family. Having a page turning paper back at the ready is another super easy and cost efficient way to enjoy your day on the shore.

Spice up your day with some music on the beach

If you want to annoy your fellow beach bums, blast some tunes. Plug in your headphones if you are more civilized or have the area to yourself. Tune in, turn on and drop out. (kidding)

Get in the water to beat the heat!

When its a super hot day at the beach, the best way to beat the heat is to play in the water all day on Rotto. How easy is that? Stay hydrated and find some shade once in a while. No matter how hot it gets, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy yourself. Just think a little and check out what the locals are doing.

Less is more, for a day on the beach.