Barbados Beaches

By Tee1

As home to dozens of picturesque beach spots on a tropical island, Barbados makes everybody feel warm and fuzzy. The Barbados beaches are as uncommon as the island and her playful inhabitants.

As a coral island, not unlike Aruba or the Cayman Islands, Barbados and its 61 beach spots are made from finely ground coral forming a clean fine grain. Most of this tropical island’s beaches are fine sand. Its even possible to come across natural sand dunes, on Long Bay on the south-west coast.Barbados is an island in the Caribbean, northeast of Isla Margarita, Venezuela. Due to its long relationship as a British colony with the United Kingdom, Barbados is frequently imagined as the Little Britain of the Caribbean.

Where is Barbados? 13°19′N 59°54′W


Barbados Beaches, Sunshine and Rum

The Portuguese explorer Pedro Campos named the island  Os Barbados, (“The Bearded Ones”). En route to Brazil, Pedro a Campos “discovered” Barbados in 1536.  After a number of months at sea, Campos decided that the island’s fig trees and long hanging aerial roots resembled beards.

As they were so apt to do, Spanish conquistadors seized many Caribs on Barbados and used them as slave labor on plantations.

Barbados and the UK

The uninhabited island of Barbados was claimed for England by Captain John Powell on May 14th, 1625. 80 settlers along with ten slaves landed two years later in a party led by Powell’s brother, Henry. A herd of Portuguese hogs led their welcoming party. It is commonly believed these were descendants of hogs left by the explorer Campos, who planned to use them on return trips as a food source.  In present day Holetown, this ragtag group established Jamestown, the island’s first European settlement on the west coast.

Its easy to enjoy the white sandy Barbados beaches on the milder west coast from a hammock, while the world gently rocks listening to the water. This is the ideal beach vacation either relaxing onshore and worshipping the sun or taking advantage of the clear waters. Whatever strikes your fancy is readily available. Day sails, windsurfing, jet-skis, kayaks, swimming, snorkeling etc are all at your fingertips.

Head south and expect to discover silky sand Barbados beaches in a pristine state that are sheltered by coral reefs. In the south and south-east, there are perfect beach spots for a wide variety of watersports. Instruction and gear rental for windsurfing, kitesurfing and boogie boarding is available if needed.

The huge wind-blown beaches on the east side of Barbados are pounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Surfers travel around the world to get here for these waves. Amazing surf, nice to look at, not good for children.

The north part of Barbados is dramatic. Rising straight out of the sea, coral and sandstone cliffs ascent to over a hundred feet high! There is not much shelter to be found.

Travel the coast of this wondrous island to find over sixty beaches. Some large, some small. All created from the coral surrounding the island. Beneath the water is even more pleasing to the eye. I can’t suggest diving strongly enough. Most dive spots are good in the Caribbean. Barbados is exceptional.

There is no doubt that Barbados beaches compare well with the other most beautiful beach spots in the Caribbean. No less an authority than Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous named The Crane as one of the ten best beaches in the world.

Special thanks to my buddy Cort from the Jersey Shore for the rides to high school many moons ago in the classic Willys Jeep. Also for selflessly sharing pictures from his surf trip. Cheers!