Beach Vacation in Bay Head, New Jersey

By Tee1

Fun Summer Beach Vacations in Bay Head

Bay Head is a very small and affluent borough in Ocean County, New Jersey on the Atlantic coast. The fun beach spot of Bay Head is found on the Barnegat Peninsula, a long, narrow barrier island. Also known as Barnegat Bay Island, this barrier island separates the Atlantic Ocean from Barnegat Bay. In the latest census, the population of this fancy beach town was less than a 1000, roughly 20% less than the previous tally. The Bay Head beach is small, but very nice and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. I hate to sound like too much of a snob, but the draw to this town is its exclusivity and the beautiful Victorian houses on the beach.

There were no deaths or injuries reported in town, would be the only positive situation resulting from Sandy.

Bay Head is supposedly part of the Jersey Shore’s “Gold Coast”. Funny, that I never heard that expression growing up about 5 miles north in the beach town of Sea Girt. It is supposed to encompass Mantoloking, Point Pleasant and Bay Head. The beaches in these three towns are pretty good and the towns very nice. Sadly, these places got smashed by Hurricane Sandy, so if they want to be the Gold Coast of the Jersey Shore, it sounds like a great idea. Damage to the town was somewhat lessened by a largely forgotten seawall from 1882 which had been buried by dunes. This stone rubble structure extends for a distance of nearly a mile (4,130 feet).

Where is Bay Head?  40°07′N  74° 05′W

There is a direct train service on the New Jersey Coast Line to Penn Station in Midtown NYC and also Hoboken and Newark. Bay Head is the literally the end of the line. Bay Head may not be the place to hop on the train for the night from the city, but its an awesome beach spot for an entire summer rental.

Bay Head “is not as crowded as your typical beach.”

A few possibilities on how the community acquired its name. The area’s developers were called “the Bayhead Land Company”, the town is also located at the head of the Barnegat Bay and also railroad sign labeled the station as Bay Head. All sound plausible enough for this pleasant beach destination, that was at ground zero for the storm.

The Bay Head beach is nearly equidistant from New York City, Philadelphia and Atlantic City. At only 70 miles south of the bright lights of the big city, and 65 miles due east from the city of brotherly love, Bay Head is a premier location for holiday makers to kick back and enjoy in a beautiful village by the sea. Incorporated in the 1880’s, the town has a number of b&b’s and other unique stores.

In 1950, L Ron Hubbard wrote Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health in Bay Head.

As of 2005, over half of the buildings in Bay Head were listed in the New Jersey and the National Registers of Historic places. The Bay Head Historic District is significant architecturally “for its large collection of well-preserved Shingle Style, Stick Style, and Queen Anne Style structures.” Obviously, it’s a fairly fancy beach town on the Atlantic Ocean.

Simple Summer Relaxation: Bay Head Beach

Bay Head is a low-key Shore stop, with no boardwalk, amusements or big holiday celebrations planned. There is “one hotel, two B&Bs and a lot of seasonal rentals”. Bay Head is a small conservative place. Food and drink are not allowed on the beach. Water can be brought in clear plastic containers. There are no changing rooms for the public. The town offers no facilities. Beach badges are required @ $85.00. See the rules below. This reads like something from Footloose. To be fair, the town offers free parking.

Rules: No pets, food, coolers or alcohol. Fishing allowed off-hours only. One beach designated for surfing during bathing hours. No vehicles or fires. Ball playing, Frisbees and other games allowed. No bikes on beach, but there are bike racks available.

Beach Badges

“This year’s seasonal membership fee is $85.00 per badge. Bay Head Beach Badges are not required for children under the age of 12. Badges may be picked up at the BHIA’s office, 532 Lake Avenue (located on the corner of Lake Avenue and Mount Street, near Scow Ditch).  Starting June 18th, the office will be open daily through Labor Day.  Office hours are 9:30 am to 4:30 pm seven days a week. Badges will be required as of Saturday, June 17th.”