Caribbean Sea Beaches

A lot of great beaches are not well known due primarily to their inaccessibility. They are just too hard to get to. This applies to the Caribbean especially. Since not all of these islands even have airports, it can be both expensive and hard to get here. With a little planning and some flexibility, it is easy enough to get to the best beaches in the Caribbean.

Some times of the year are going to be more expensive than others. Some places are too remote to visit for a long weekend. It’s likely that most divers are familiar with not having the time they want. We do what we can.

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Some people are not suited for the islands. It’s also possible that slight cultural misunderstandings lead to bruised feelings here. The residents of certain islands can be said to be on the insolent side as well. A long time ago, I had the pleasure of opening up a Ritz-Carlton beach resort in the Virgin Islands. It was the first of many international postings in my life.

All of the Europeans and Americans imported for the job needed to attend a few cultural indoctrination classes to ensure we could coexist nicely with our new West Indian colleagues.  The first couple minutes of these classes ensured that my life working overseas would go smoothly. An