El Matador State Beach is a treasure that should be seen by all with an interest in beaches.
Malibu’s El Matador State Beach along the PCH

El Matador State Beach is even more impressive than its name. As the best and most popular beach in Malibu, there are huge expectations. Driving along this stretch of the PCH to this semi-remote beach spot is almost as enjoyable as the beach itself.

The best Cancun Beaches are amazing. There is more to do than party in Cancun.
Best Cancun Beaches on Mexico’s Caribbean Coast

The Cancun beaches are perfection. 14 miles of fun in the sun is waiting for you in this world class Caribbean party city. The premier spring break destination is actually quite sophisticated the rest of the year.

Moonlight Beach in Encinitas is one of the most family friendly beaches in all of California
Moonlight Beach, the best family beach in San Diego County

This southern California family beach spot is a wonderful place to spend a day. Fun for locals as well as tourists, Moonlight Beach is probably what you are looking for. Located a short drive just outside San Diego in the sleepy beach town of Encinitas.

Tamarama Beach, just outside Sydney is spectacular
Tamarama Beach: Careful mate, it’s Australia

A couple minutes outside Sydney, Tamarama Beach is often closed to swimmers. It is the most dangerous patrolled beach in New South Wales. It’s also a good place to be to watch the beautiful people. The Australian way of life — Pleasure, freedom, independence and enjoyment is on full display.

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