Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas

By Tee1

The Bahamas and Nassau’s Cable Beach have been a part of the popular imagination as the perfect beach vacation spot forever. Since the ’60s anyway, thanks to none other than the Beatles and a couple James Bond films.  That may be a very long time ago, but it’s quite a substantial feather in the Ministry of Tourism’s cap.

Nassau is everything for the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. With an estimated population of nearly 275,000 as of 2016,  the capital, largest city, and commercial centre is home to 70 percent of the entire population of the Bahamas.

Where is Cable Beach, Nassau? 25°06′ N 77°35′ W


Cable beach is renowned for its upscale resorts, crystal waters and beautiful sand. Featuring a fabulous two and a half miles of beach resorts, nightlife, a golf course, and of course, a casino, Cable Beach lacks nothing. Billed as “the ultimate playground for fun in the sun”, this beach spot has perfected high dollar tourism. Visitors can part with currency around the clock.

Before Tourism and Cable Beach

In 1670, Charles Town was founded and a fort built by some British Noblemen. However, the Spanish burnt it to the ground. On the same site in 1695, the city was rebuilt and named Nassau in honor of the future King of England, William III from the Dutch House of Orange-Nassau.

Pretty quickly, Nassau experienced economic hardship due to a lack of effective governance. For a brief period in 1703 the beaches of Nassau and the city were occupied by Spanish and French allied forces.  Here is where it gets interesting. Very interesting.

Ahoy Matey! Shiver me timbers…

The colony of the Bahamas had no governor from 1703 to 1718. That’s correct, 15 years of anarchy. With a very sparse population, the Bahamas had become a pirate den by 1713. According to no less an authority than the Governor of Bermuda, the 100 lawful inhabitants of the Nassau were severely outnumbered and outgunned by the 1000 resident pirates. A pirate republic was proclaimed by Nassau’s many governors (pirates). Blackbeard is the big name from this group of upstanding citizens.  Clean living and early morning yoga lessons were also practiced by Charles Vane, Thomas Barrow, Benjamin Hornigold, Calico Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny, and Mary Read in Cable Beach.

Later in the 18th century, Nassau’s fate improved and the economy boomed. Over time, the Commonwealth progressed from piracy to war profiteering. The city limits were expanded, a new fort and over 2000 houses built, and street lights installed thanks to the American Revolution. Swamps in the area were filled too, vastly improving the health of the residents.

The hotel district of Nassau and in effect, the Bahamas, is recognized as Cable Beach. This 2.5 mile beach spot offers a total of 5 luxury hotels, two of which are all inclusive beach resorts.  While there is little to no nightlife in Cable Beach (a definite bonus), the area is known instead for fine dining, a casino and its gold sand. If you are inclined to shop, that’s possible as well.

Like so many other ventures in the tropics, a huge casino and resort development stalled in Cable Beach at 90% completion. Potentially 2000 more hotel rooms and the largest convention center in the Caribbean, eventually this will change the face of Cable Beach, the best beach in the Bahamas.

Cable Beach and Nassau enjoy a wonderful climate with the same weather throughout the year. It can get a little hot in summer, reaching 90 (32C) and slightly colder around Christmas, but it rarely dips under 60 (15C) in the cooler winter months.

So who is the best? Es Gus desde Isla Margarita por supuesto! Cheers my man. Gus contributed the pictures and some information for this page.