Otres Beach: Cambodia Beaches – Sihanoukville

By Tee1

Otres Beach Holidays

The Cambodia beaches are frequently considered when people romanticize a long vacation to Asia. Not as popular or touristy as their Thai counterparts, even the best beaches of Cambodia are going to be exotic and chaotic.

Unquestionably, Angor is the primary reason for most tourists to enter Cambodia. After visiting the faded splendor of Angor Wat, an exotic beach vacation is well deserved considering the number of hours logged to get to this part of the world. In general, even the elegant resorts on Cambodia beaches are steeply discounted. If you insist on spending money, lots of it even, it is possible. That’s the exception fortunately, rather than the rule.

Where is Cambodia? 12°57′N 104°99′E

Cambodia Beach Vacation : Sihanoukville Style

Four hours from the capital of Phnom Penh, lie the exotic Cambodia beaches of Sihanoukville and its adjoining seaside resorts. This local beach spot is ideal for water sports and chilling in the sun.  With a number of superior hotels and resorts, visitors to Sihanoukville have a wealth of options that should work. Even Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis managed to find some respite in this famous beach spot. All of the resorts have their own private beaches. Jackie O literally put this place on the map with a visit in 1967.

Like many other places in Cambodia, there is a sad history along these coastal areas, compliments of the Khmer Rouge. It’s ok to not dwell on it, but you should have a clue. The people in Sihanoukville know how to let their hair down and have fun. In particular, the partying here is not for the faint. It’s a spectacular place to visit, but some of the long term “residents” can be on the pretentious side as you see all too often in Asia.

Otres Beach : All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Otres Beach is one of Cambodia’s most popular beach spots. It features a lovely 2.5 mile/4km long strip of white sandy beach. This beach spot is a bit more relaxed and slightly less crowded than the other Cambodia beaches in Sihanoukville.

The area begins with a nice strip of cheap beach bars and the Otres 1 guesthouse. After this little stretch, there is about a 1/2 mile or 1km public beach and has Otres 2 at the far end.  Otres 2 has a couple more spots to drink and spend the night. Charters are available here for either the river or the ocean. Spending the night could be as cheap as $10 here and should cost no more than than $50. Think of that next time you order a Big Mac meal!

Special thanks to my friend ArE for the pictures. ArE has lived on and off in Cambodia for a number of years.