Asian beaches are the best

Kabira Bay for an unforgettable Japan Beach Resort Experience

There are many good reasons to visit Japan, including beach resorts.  Well known for a great night life, historical attractions, splendid natural and tourist sites provide a wealth of options to suit any taste.  Featuring the best beach resorts in Japan, Kabira beach on Ishigaki Island, located in the Okinawa prefecture, is said to hold some of the best and most …

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Cheap Cambodia Beaches Holidays: Otres Beach Vacation

Otres Beach Holidays The Cambodia beaches are frequently considered when people romanticize a long vacation to Asia. Not as popular or touristy as their Thai counterparts, even the best beaches of Cambodia are going to be exotic and chaotic. Unquestionably, Angor is the primary reason for most tourists to enter Cambodia. After visiting the faded splendor of Angor Wat, an …

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