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The Atlantic Ocean beaches are frequently overlooked, in conversations about the most beautiful beaches. That is probably due in large part to their being over 2,000 miles of Atlantic beaches and coastline, just in the United States! Europe, South America and Africa appear to have been forgotten- at least by a fair amount of people in the States.

Yes, some of the east coast beach spots are painfully tacky and not very sophisticated. So what? For every pink flamingo dancing on a lawn, there are a couple beach towns oozing with charm that you have never of.

Let’s not forget the Canadian beaches in the Maritimes. The weather may be slightly inclement in the land of the Maple Leaf. you may also get eaten by a polar bear while you enjoy the fresh air, but the beaches are nice!

Even though the majority of people only think about larger beach spots for their vacations such as Ocean City, Miami, or the Keys, a good many smaller locations have built tremendous followings for being quality beach towns. Hopefully, a lot of beach bums and ocean lovers find some inspiration to check out someplace new, even if it is the beach town 30 minutes away!

On this list are the greatest East coast beach towns. Each town has direct access to beaches and water and notable family-friendly attractions. No serious attempt has been made to exclude certain places.

The Atlantic Ocean covers 20% of the entire surface of the Earth and is the second largest ocean to the Pacific. The deepest point of the Atlantic Ocean, is over 27,000 feet off the Puerto Rico coast in the Milwaukee Deep.

To the west, the Atlantic Ocean is bordered by the coastlines of the Americas: North, Central and South. Canada and the United States of America are the two countries in North America with Atlantic seaboards. Every Central and South American nation on the Caribbean, including among others Panama, Venezuela, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic have Atlantic Ocean beaches. In South America, Brazil and Argentina both feature long Atlantic Ocean beaches.

The southern Atlantic Ocean beaches are often drenched by turbulent weather featuring lots of rain and the occasional hurricane caused by warm moist air hits the Caribbean islands, Central America or the East coast beaches of the US. Other infamous weather events include Nor’easters, and heavy fog off eastern Canada’s shore.

Over in Europe, Atlantic Ocean beaches are located in France, Spain, Ireland and the United Kingdom, and Portugal. Other European countries facing the Atlantic are Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Iceland and Norway with an assist from the North Sea.

Traveling south from the European continent, the Atlantic Ocean beaches of Africa are to be found. These beaches start in Morocco and then continue south passing through Sierra Leone, the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, the Congo, Namibia and South Africa. The Atlantic’s cold water off the coast of Africa frequently brings fog and poor visibility to the northwestern shoreline of the African continent.

Turks and Caicos Vacation to Grace Bay Beach

Beach Vacation: Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos Widely recognized as one of the most spectacular beaches in the world, Grace Bay Beach is located on the northern coast of Providenciales on the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Voted the number one beach in the world in 2011 by Trip Advisor, because of the stunning white sandy beach. While technically this dream …

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Smathers Beach, Key West, Florida

Where is Smathers Beach?  24°55′N 81°77′W Lined with coconut trees and frequently busy, Smathers Beach in Key West, Florida is popular with both tourists and locals. This pleasing beach vacation spot is about two miles long and quite easy to find. Go to mile marker zero on A1A. Smathers Beach is the largest public beach in the self-proclaimed Conch Republic. Key West’s …

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Folly Beach, South Carolina

In addition to the lovely ante bellum city of Charleston, you easily can pack a Folly Beach vacation into a short trip along the Atlantic Ocean. Folly Beach is only 11 miles south of the downtown area of everyone’s favorite city. Folly Beach is a fun beach spot that is full of both character and characters. Along the little town’s main …

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Jensen Beach Park, Florida

Jensen Beach Park can be found on Hutchinson Island in Florida. It is a scenic vacation beach that is wide open and feels wild. The island has a few beaches to choose from. All of them are recommended for your pleasure. The main beach spot for your hot day at the beach is called Jensen Sea Turtle Beach. Its a good …

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Nice Cuban Beach: Playa de Cayo Jutias, Cuba

Cuban Beach Vacation to Cayo Jutias Not exactly undiscovered, but certainly pristine, you will find the beaches of Cayo Jutias Cuba to your liking. Ignored for years, this amazing beach is one of the many gifts left behind from whatever you want to call the Cuban “experiment”. The rest of the Caribbean is really going to have to up their …

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Seaside Heights Beach, New Jersey

Back in the 80’s when hair in New Jersey was really big, rock gods Bon Jovi fell “In and Out of Love” on the Seaside Heights Beach and boardwalk.  The glory of this beach town struck again a quarter of a century later with the hit MTV show, Jersey Shore. “We can’t even calculate the economic benefit” to to Seaside Heights beach …

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Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas

The Bahamas and Nassau’s Cable Beach have been a part of the popular imagination as the perfect beach vacation spot forever. Since the ’60s anyway, thanks to none other than the Beatles and a couple James Bond films.  That may be a very long time ago, but it’s quite a substantial feather in the Ministry of Tourism’s cap. Nassau is everything for the Commonwealth of …

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Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Looking for a family fun summer vacation? The boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach has something for most tastes. From Henna tattoos, games of “skill”, salt water taffy, classy t-shirts, pizza joints, an aquarium, bars, to upscale dining, the Point Pleasant boardwalk is a lot of fun.  Don’t take yourself so seriously for a few hours and enjoy this cool beach vacation spot …

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Manasquan Beach, New Jersey

Having gone to the local public high school in the Ronald Reagan years, the Manasquan Beach has a lot of fond memories for me. It was particularly heart breaking when superstorm Sandy devastated the area and surrounding towns in 2012. I was alerted to the severity of the storm by a French colleague of mine who for some reason was following …

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