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One of Malta's many hidden gems, Popeye Village in Anchor Bay is a good place to visit.
Popeye Village, Anchor Bay, Malta

Popeye Village is the site of an abandoned movie set from 1980. Starring Robin Williams and filmed in Malta, it sounds like it should be a winner. Nope! The movie was dreadful. Fortunately, there is an awesome dive spot in Anchor Bay and Popeye Village is pretty cool.

Cascais Beach Portugal Vacation Spot
Plan a Fun Beach Vacation to Cascais, Portugal to Party and Surf

The Cascais beach in Portugal has been an international hot spot for since the 19th century. A favorite of European royalty as well as the common man. These beaches serve up some of the biggest waves on the planet amidst rugged beauty, just minutes outside Lisbon.

Makarska Riviera, Croatia
Makarska Riviera, Croatia Beach Vacations

A beach holiday in Croatia with a relaxed nightlife is waiting for you. Set along the famed Adriatic Coast, the Makarska Riviera has been enchanting visitors with some of the best beaches in the world, including, Brela, the Champion of the Adriatic.

La Linea de La Concepcion
La Linea Beach Vacation: Spain’s gateway to Gibraltar is open

La Línea is a coastal town just north of the Gibraltar in Spain. La Linea de la Concepcion’s beaches are superb, even though this is not your typical tourist destination due to its location on a contested international border. However, these beach spots frequently win international recognition as Blue Flag Beaches.

Narva Joesuu Estonia Beach
Narva-Joesuu Beaches, Estonia

Initially wildly popular with the nearby nobility of St. Petersburg, the Narva-Joesuu beaches have increased in fame since the late 19th century. The elegant former Russian…

Sliema Beaches in Malta
Sliema Beaches: Things to do in Malta

The seafront in Sliema along the promenade is full of activity starting in Qui Si Sana. A great place to swim and enjoy the day in the Mediterranean sun. Lined with lively cafes, these limestone beaches are fun for the whole family.

Barceloneta Beach
Playa Barceloneta, Barcelona

Not surprisingly, Barcelona’s Barceloneta Beach may be the best city beach in the world. The people watching is superb and there is no shortage of food and drink. Come here to party.

Ramla Bay Beach Gozo
Ramla Bay Beach Gozo

The beach in Ramla Bay, Gozo is the stuff of legend. Literally. The tale of Calypso’s Cave from Homer’s Odyssey is set to the side of this magic beach spot. Gozo is the best place to relax one can hope for. This island still belongs to a simpler time.

Brittany beach vacations in France
Brittany Beach Vacation

Is it time to book a Brittany beach vacation? The entire world knows that Brittany has the best beaches in France.  Where do you start when…