Exotic Beach Spots

Southern Thailand’s Krabi Beaches on the Andaman Sea

With more than 200 nearby islands , extensive jungle, and stunning scenery, the beautiful white sandy beaches of Krabi are the most chill part of Thailand. This popular area boasts a number of top dive spots, tasty food, and great places to stay. A fun, yet incredibly cheap beach vacation is easily arranged to this tropical spot.

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Hippy Surfer Beaches of Byron Bay Australia

Thinking of a beach vacation to Australia? Byron Bay is billed as the best surf town in the world. The beaches here are tremendous. This small community of hippies, dropouts and misfits is a perfect example of what has made Australia great. No matter where you are from, this is a long way from there.

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Manuel Antonio Beach in Costa Rica: Best Tropical Jungle Beach

Costa Rica’s Playa Manuel Antonio on the Pacific Coast lives up to its reputation as one of the best beach spots in the world. Expertly maintained by the National Park system, there are fun activities that range from bird watching to surfing or scuba diving and sport fishing. Whatever it is that makes you tick, can be done at this tropical paradise.

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