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Otres Beach: Cambodia Beaches – Sihanoukville

By Tee1

Otres Beach Holidays The Cambodia beaches are frequently considered when people romanticize a long vacation to Asia. Not as popular or touristy as their Thai counterparts, even the best beaches of Cambodia are going to be exotic and chaotic. Unquestionably, Angor is the primary reason for most tourists to enter Cambodia. After visiting the faded…

2017 Semana Santa en Isla Margarita

By Tee1

Semana Santa Isla Margarita is extreme to say the least. Massive crowds on the beach and intensely hot weather. Loud parties with impossibly beautiful people on spectacular Venezuelan beaches.  Sounds like fun, no? Semana Santa Isla Margarita is full on insanity on an exotic tropical party island. Todo es possible en Margarita Isla Margarita is situated less than…