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Popeye Village, Anchor Bay, Malta

By Tee1

Popeye Village is the site of an abandoned movie set from 1980. Starring Robin Williams and filmed in Malta, it sounds like it should be a winner. Nope! The movie was dreadful. Fortunately, there is an awesome dive spot in Anchor Bay and Popeye Village is pretty cool.

Best Sandy Beach in Malta: Golden Bay Beach

By Tee1

Early in the morning, the reddish sands of Malta’s Golden Bay and its perfect water conditions give this beach a dream like quality. This is the traditional Mediterranean beach spot, people save their pennies to visit. The sunsets are famous.

Sliema Beaches: Things to do in Malta

By Tee1

The seafront in Sliema along the promenade is full of activity starting in Qui Si Sana. A great place to swim and enjoy the day in the Mediterranean sun. Lined with lively cafes, these limestone beaches are fun for the whole family.