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The Best Beaches In Mexico

It is a bold attempt to pinpoint the best beaches in Mexico, due to the enormous variety of possibilities for enjoyment  we will find in the Aztec country.  The laid back lifestyles, active nightlife, well-priced food and beverages, ancient sites, and the wild beauty of these coasts make them a powerful temptation. Be it the Pacific Coast and Baja or the Yucatan Peninsula, rest assured that there will be a beach spot in Mexico just for you. Its easy and cheap to get a perfect Mexico beach rental for a week or more. 

As a quick overview, in the Yucatan peninsula, Cancun is most popular, especially among spring breakers for a Mexico beach vacation.  Just offshore is Isla Mujeres and Isla Holbox.  South of Cancun, we find the Riviera Maya, boasting Playa del Carmen and port of Tulum.  On the Pacific coast we find Acapulco, a busy tourist destination, where we can find the surfer paradise of Puerto Escondido,  Puerto Angel for snorkelers, and naturist Zipolite. 

Mexico Beach Weather

From Central to North Pacific Coast we have Mazatlan and the Resort town of Puerto Vallarta.  You will also find Bahia de Navidad, Bahia Kino, and Cuyutlan, with its black sand.  At the southern tip of of Baja California, one finds Cabo San Lucas, famous for its beaches and marlin fishing. 

After this appealing intro, let’s make it clear: Every place has its drawbacks, and in honesty’s name, we’ll lay some out. 

  • Package tourists crowd some places.
  • Not all souvenir sites will deliver quality.
  • You will need to watch your belongings.
  • Do not expect too much of infrastructure maintenance
  • If tips run amiss, or relations afoul, you might not get the treatment you deserve by local service people. 
  • Poor infrastructure maintenance.
  • Corruption.
  • Certain areas are prone to drug distribution-related violence.

The best Mexico beach weather season would be from Mid November to May, with regular sunshine and calm seas on the best beaches in Mexico.  On the other hand, Diving off Baja California is best from August to November, having the best water conditions. 

  • From July to August, huge numbers of vacationers arrive from both inside and outside the country, amid great heat, high humidity and storm clouds.
  • Avoid months August and September, too much rain, cloud, and insect problems.   
  • Take note of the US college Spring Break that happens annually during March and april in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco. High Prices, low tranquility, but if you’re young and wild then this might be your season. 

Mexico Beach Rentals

Playa del Amor, Cabo San Lucas. 

“Love Beach”, a perfect name to make anyone flutter, is a great place to start this review of Mexico’s best beaches.  The soft sand that greets the Pacific ocean since immemorial times is delightful.  Over this white, sunbathed terrain, eroded cliffs overlook, silent witnesses towering over the landscape where, towards its Pacific side, bodysurfers enjoy crisp waves, while sunbathers and paddlers enjoy themselves with a drink in views of the Baja Shoreline.

Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres

Watersporters will find their haven here.  Snorkeling, windsurf or kayaking alike, there are many options available in this unique location in Isla Mujeres.  For bolder natures, the whale shark chase is an excellent option.  The bars and restaurants available are a plus to spice the fun under the sun in this clear and shallow water beach.

Playa Balandra, La Paz

A true snorkeler´s choice indeed, this cliff-encircled beach looks very much like a lagoon, very safe for kids because of its shallow water, (you can stroll the lagoon from side to side without a worry).  This magic place, protected from urban development, and well outside of the usual touristic route, is bliss for underwater enjoyment, both in the bay and over the reef beyond.

Playa Yelapa, Jalisco

The Best Fishing Beachspot on Mexico’s Jalisco coast is this tiny and isolated island. Beautiful golden sand receives visitors on this bay,  non plus ultra for kayaking.  Snorkelers will enjoy great underwater fauna and findings; a great place to be, and a difficult one to forget. Justly, one of Mexico’s best beaches. 

Cabo Pulmo National Park.

60 miles north of Cabo, this handsome part of the sea of Cortez has miles of virginal beaches that lead to deserts and mountains. The Cabo Pulmo village will provide affordable accommodations, and snorkelers will have a ball with the clear waters, shipwrecks and the rare Pacific hard-coral reef that lies underwater.

Playa Medano, Cabo San Lucas

Sensation-seekers will find their sanctuary in this Cabo’s main beach.  Safe swimming is assured, and principally, action, be it jet-skiing or banana boats, beach volleyball or bikini contests. The party factor makes this beach a sure stop for thousands of tourists, with beachfront cantinas making sure the fun lasts.  Medano Beach will surely be one of the best beaches in Mexico for those who crave to be in the middle of everlasting fun. 

Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya

Playa del Carmen is a small town built directly on the beach shore, (which is the obvious reason for the name).  That means you can walk directly off the streets onto the sand.  It´s 5th Avenue is pure commercial fun; many shops, loaded with thousands of beautiful souvenirs, specially crafts and jewelry, that await to be adopted and taken home, restaurants to gratify all culinary tastes, and the tequila markets make international luggage weight regulations seem a bad thing. 

Tulum beach and the Dios del Viento, Mayan Temple, Riviera Maya.

Tulum is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Americas.  A Mayan temple towers over the sand and ruins can be seen a certain distance from the shore of this very small beach, shaped as a well formed white sandy cove, with the blue Caribbean sea lapping gently at its shore.  This Best Beaches in Mexico review wouldn´t be complete without it. 

Tourism in Mexico is a massive industry, being among the most visited countries in the world and the second-most visited one in the Americas, after the USA.  In 2017, Mexico obtained sixth place in the world for tourism activities. Mexico has several UNESCO World Heritage sites, including ancient ruins, colonial cities, natural reserves, Cultural festivals, colonial cities, nature reserves and beach resorts. The nation’s pleasing weather and singular culture attract tourists.   Most visitors to Mexico come from the United States and Canada. Though others come from Europe and Asia, and other Latin American countries.

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