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Summer Vacation to Brick Beach, New Jersey

The three Brick beaches are exceptional, yet suffer from severe erosion and unimaginative names. Unfortunately, this is a frequent occurrence along the NJ shore, not only along the Brick beach. For whatever, its worth this town of more than 75,000 is the safest in the United States, according to the FBI.

Summer Vacation: Mantoloking Beach, New Jersey

Mantoloking is an exceptional beach spot. Over the years, Mantoloking has counted both Tony Soprano, (James Gandolfini) and Richard Nixon as residents. Katherine Hepburn also owned a summer house here. Storm surge from Hurricane Sandy damaged 90% of the properties in this wealthiest Jersey Shore beach community.

Beach Vacation in Bay Head, New Jersey

The small coastal town of Bay Head’s charm lies in the Victorian mansions that run along the gorgeous beach. This visit in June of 2017, was the first time I had been along the beach here since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the coast five years earlier. This beach spot successfully brings you back to a simpler, more elegant time.

Plan a quick trip to the Asbury Park Beach, New Jersey

Asbury Park is back. Given up for dead long ago, the city of Asbury Park has been revitalized. It is now, a hip spot for a beach vacation. With gorgeous beaches and conveniently located with rail access to the city, Asbury is making up for the multiple decades of abandonment rapidly.

Belmar Beach NJ : Summer Fun Boardwalk, Surfing and Rentals

Belmar Beach is a fun beach town for the whole family. If you want to party, this is one of the best places to do it. If you want your family beach vacation to be as slow as possible, you are also in the right spot. Over the years, Belmar has continued to improve rapidly and is now comparable to its more upscale neighbors.

Visit the lovely Ocean Grove and see God’s square mile on the beach

A beach vacation to Ocean Grove “God’s square mile” in New Jersey might not be for everybody. The town and beach are spectacular, however this unique destination is a throwback to another time and place. There are public displays of religion everywhere and the people are all really nice.

Seaside Heights Beach, New Jersey

Back in the 80’s when hair in New Jersey was really big, rock gods Bon Jovi fell “In and Out of Love” on the Seaside Heights Beach and…

Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Looking for a family fun summer vacation? The boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach has something for most tastes. From Henna tattoos, games of “skill”, salt water…

Manasquan Beach, New Jersey

Having gone to the local public high school in the Ronald Reagan years, the Manasquan Beach has a lot of fond memories for me. It was particularly…

Spring Lake Beach Vacations, New Jersey

The beach in Spring Lake is the best place in the state of New Jersey. There is a nice long boardwalk for joggers to enjoy next to a wide sandy beach. It is quiet and refined, while it still manages to be friendly.

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