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Beach Spot: Find Your Dream Vacation

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Pacific Ocean Beaches

Punta Cometa: Sunsets on the Path to Happiness

Punta Cometa, Oaxaca The Pacific Coast of Mexico is an amazing place, especially for beach fans. In Oaxaca, there is a beach spot called Punta Cometa,...

Tamarama Beach: Careful mate, it’s Australia

A couple minutes outside Sydney, Tamarama Beach is often closed to swimmers. It is the most dangerous patrolled beach in New South Wales. It's also a good place to be to watch the beautiful people. The Australian way of life — Pleasure, freedom, independence and enjoyment is on full display.

The Beach on the Border between Mexico and the US

The Border Field State Park beach is wildly beautiful and mostly deserted on the US side. The water is polluted, and there is a barrier wall jutting out into the Pacific. This beach spot is surreal and not terribly pleasant to visit.

Hippy Surfer Beaches of Byron Bay Australia

Thinking of a beach vacation to Australia? Byron Bay is billed as the best surf town in the world. The beaches here are tremendous. This small community of hippies, dropouts and misfits is a perfect example of what has made Australia great. No matter where you are from, this is a long way from there.

Manuel Antonio Beach in Costa Rica: Best Tropical Jungle Beach

Costa Rica's Playa Manuel Antonio on the Pacific Coast lives up to its reputation as one of the best beach spots in the world. Expertly maintained by the National Park system, there are fun activities that range from bird watching to surfing or scuba diving and sport fishing. Whatever it is that makes you tick, can be done at this tropical paradise.

Tropical Boracay Beach : Philippines Vacation to White Beach

The popularity of this tropical paradise is increasing exponentially. White Sand Beach on Boracay Island is frequently winning awards for the best beach. This is a great exotic destination in the tropics to have some fun. Well worth the investment in travel time.

Honeymoon to Bora Bora : Beach Vacation in French Polynesia

Fringed by white sands with mountain views, Bora Bora and its beaches live up to its reputation as paradise on earth. From the first sailors to honeymooners, the verdict is always the same: the most beautiful island in the world.

One of the Best California Beach Vacations : Powerhouse Park, Del Mar

Del Mar is an elegant little beach city, slightly north of San Diego. With a few miles of beautiful beaches, mesmerizing surf spots, and a healthy atmosphere, Del Mar is pleasing to all of the senses.

Waialea Beach (Beach-69), Hawaii Trip

Waialea beach or Beach 69 is one of the best beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii. It certainly is one of the more popular white sand beaches.  The sun, snorkeling and available shade make this great beach spot particularly popular during the summer.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

What is it about Puerto Vallarta? There is something about this Mexican beach town that captivates most people. Does it come from Elizabeth Taylor and the Night of the Iguana?

Descanso Beach, Avalon, Catalina Island

Descanso Beach and all of Avalon on Santa Catalina Island is pleasing for a short stay. It manages to feel a lot more remote than it really is with Los Angeles being only 22 miles away.

Law Street Beach Free Yoga and Surfing in San Diego

The Law Street beach in PB is great. I feel blessed to see this every day. A gentle surf spot, spectacular sunsets, people watching with yoga at dawn. This San Diego beach covers all the bases.
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