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Best Virgin Islands Beaches

The beaches of the Virgin Islands are near and dear to my heart. I had the good fortune to live there at 2 various points in my younger days. While living there can be challenging, a week long beach vacation to the Virgin Islands is going to be close to perfection. The water and views of other islands are out of this world.

Trunk Bay Beach in St. John, USVI
Trunk Bay: Ultimate Beach Vacation Spot in St. John, Virgin Islands

Trunk Bay is the Virgin Islands at its best. Early morning or late afternoon, it is one of the best places you will ever visit, because there won’t be too many people. There are no annoyances to mention. The sand and water needs to be seen to be believed. I can’t think of a better beach spot.

Cruz Bay, St. John
Cruz Bay, St. John

Most people know Cruz Bay, St. John as the entrance to a protected wonderland in America’s Paradise, the United States Virgin Islands. That is what the…

Coral Bay, St. John
Coral Bay, St. John

Coral Bay, St. John is a sleepy little town in the United States Virgin Islands. It can be found on the southeastern part of St. John.…

Coki Beach St. Thomas
Coki Beach St.Thomas

The water at Coki Beach St. Thomas is your clich√© postcard of a fun tropical beach. The water at Coki Beach is simply unbelievable. In addition…