Playa de Cayo Jutias, Cuba

By Tee1

Cuban Beach Vacation to Cayo Jutias

Not exactly undiscovered, but certainly pristine, you will find the beaches of Cayo Jutias Cuba to your liking. Ignored for years, this amazing beach is one of the many gifts left behind from whatever you want to call the Cuban “experiment”. The rest of the Caribbean is really going to have to up their game, if they want to compete with offerings like this simple playa in the Pinar del Rio province as they start to market themselves. There is no chance this beach would have been forgotten, if Cuban tourism had continued developing on its own. That’s not how things worked out, so…

one of the nicest beaches in Cuba

Right now, there are no hotels here on this beach. Cayo Jutias is one of the few “virgin” beaches left in the Caribbean. It is an island that is a bit bigger than 2 square miles, close to the Bay of St. Lucia and the Nombre de Dios cove.  For now, there peaceful white sand and turquoise waters doesn’t offer too many distractions except for some genuine old-time beach relaxation.  This beach spot, Cayo Jutias, is on an island which is a part of the Colorados Archipelago, close to Viñales.

Where is Cayo Jutias Cuba? 22°43′N 84°02′W

Beaches in Cayo Jutias Cuba

No hotels sounds crazy, right? There is no where to stay, right now. Pretty soon…Ritz, Westin, etc… will be stumbling over themselves to offer up this authentic Cuban beach to the masses. Progress isn’t a bad thing, by any means. I do think it is nice to have having a few places left that are just nice and simple. Hopefully, this stays that way. If not, it will still be an amazing beach place just like Playa Ancon or the many other lovely beaches on this gem of an island.

Cayo Jutias Cuba does have a pedraplén though. What more could this little town want? A pedraplén is a causeway connecting this little island to the Cuban mainland. On the road in, there might be some places to stay. Realistically, unless your taxi driver or guide suggests something way off the radar, you will probably want to stay in Viñales at a Casa Particular for your beach vacation.

Enjoy a great day on the beach at Cayo Jutias

When, or if, you do figure out your accommodation issues you will be pleased with yourself that you made the effort. This is probably one of the nicest beaches in Cuba. There are mangroves everywhere and where there are mangroves, there are baby fish. Cayo Jutias Cuba is an ecological wonderland. Get in the water and play. Do you speak Spanish? If so, talk to the fisherman. In a decade they will be jaded by tourism. So before all visitors evolve into a walking ATMs in the eyes of the locals, get to know the people if you can. Don’t forget that these people aren’t castaways when you hire a boat or snorkel equipment. The reefs are amazing. Imagine if the beach in Playa del Carmen was left alone like this?

The road to get here is a disaster. Not like that matters, but if you are on a relatively tight schedule, keep that in mind.  Hiring a taxi for a day from Viñales, is the easiest way to spend a day on the beach in Cayo Jutias Cuba. Give or take it’s a 40 mile trip.

Cayo Jutías gets its name from the tree rats endemic to the area. Some clown thinks they make good drinking buddies and has decided to adopt one of these large and aggressive rats as a pet. Whatever, this beach is beautiful.

Thank you to my Maltese friend Eman for the pictures here. His generosity and contributions are helping this project. Grazzi