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Coki Beach St.Thomas

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Where is Coki Beach

The water at Coki Beach St. Thomas is your cliché postcard of a fun tropical beach. The water at Coki Beach is simply unbelievable. In addition to looking like it has been photoshopped, the water at Coki Beach St. Thomas is teeming with aquarium quality tropical fish.  Actually, a lot of these are actual aquarium fish or their descendants.

In the 90’s, Hurricane Marilyn destroyed a big chunk of the Virgin Islands. The Smith Bay neighborhood, home to Coki Beach, did not escape the epic Cat 5 storm. Coral World, the famous aquarium spot, was demolished by the high winds. All of the fish from the aquarium were freed as a result. These fish never left the area and were hand fed by volunteers and tourists alike.

Where is Coki Beach?  18°35′N 64°87′W

Coki Beach, St. Thomas USVI

For a number of years, Coral World’s damaged shell was an apocalyptic eye sore to this magnificent Virgin Islands beach spot. Now, it is a fine attraction.

Getting here is easy with a taxi or shuttle from your hotel or downtown Charlotte Amalie. Reach an agreement on taxi fare before starting the trip to avoid any sticker shock. Once you get there, you will be met by a number of people offering chairs, snorkel rentals, umbrellas, and other conveniences. These same independent contractors will be hustle to get you a coke, beer or some fries from one of the food spots.

Beach Spot: Coki Beach in the Virgin Islands

Coki Beach St. Thomas : Rent snorkel gear

Renting snorkel gear is a must. As previously mentioned, the water has an abundance of pretty little fish. For a couple bucks, you can buy some dog food to feed the fish. Be prepared to be swarmed! On top of the best beach snorkeling in the Virgin Islands, the water is even warmer than most other places in the VI. Water temperatures in the mid 80’s can be expected for most of the year.  Visibility over 100 feet is to be expected in this little gem of a beach spot.

Snorkel in the Virgin Islands

When 2 or more cruise ships are in town, Coki gets over crowded. Its a stop on all tours around the island. On weekends, the place has a more local feel.

Rather have a beer on Coki Beach, St. Thomas than just about anywhere else

It’s been a few years, since I lived in Saint Trauma but Coki is one of my all time favorite beach spots to spend an hour or two. I found most of the people hustling there to be pretty cool. Its a great place to be during the day. Repeat: during the day. After dark, it was a different animal and not suggested.  Magen’s Bay might be more “famous” due to it continually appearing on lists of the world’s best beaches, but for what its worth, I’d rather have a beer on Coki Beach St. Thomas than just about anywhere else. The water, sand and vibe doesn’t get much better. Its not a huge party beach, so closer to San Diego Spring Break than Cancun- but more scenic than either.


This project, Beach Spot, has been a lingering thought for nearly 20 years. It started on a crazy offshore Venezuelan island, Isla Margarita, during the first dot com craze. The idea evolved while life continually got in the way. A decade was spent on a Mediterranean island as well as a number of years chasing the sun in the USVI. Back living stateside in San Diego, this project will hopefully be an enjoyable look at a number of beach towns.


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