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Coral Bay, St. John

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Where is Coral Bay, St. John

Coral Bay, St. John is a sleepy little town in the United States Virgin Islands. It can be found on the southeastern part of St. John. It is conveniently located a hop, skip and a jump from Tortola and the BVI’s.

Need to get away from it all? Coral Bay is your ultimate beach vacation getaway.  Unplug from whatever it ailing you back home. Immediately, you will feel your stress dissipate.  In just a few hours, this peaceful little hamlet will work its magic and you will be completely refreshed. At last count, in the 2010 census, there was a staggering 634 people.

Where is Coral Bay, St. John? 18°21′N 64°43′W

Coral Bay, St. John - Slow Down

Kick back and enjoy some real island time. Coral Bay, St. John is home to not only a few hundred human residents, there are also dozens of wild animals, including goats, sheep and donkeys wandering around. Some people find the donkeys charming, I disagree. On the whole, most people correctly think of Coral Bay as a remote throwback to a simpler time. I have had the good fortune to visit here a couple dozen times over the years. Typically only for an hour or two while circling the island or while hiking. It really is a hidden gem.

Coral Bay from Elevation in the Virgin Islands

Historically, this town and also sub-district of St. John has been the main population and commercial area. Of course, this was due to the perfectly sheltered harbor of Coral Bay, St. John. When ferry services were added to Cruz Bay on the other side of the island, Coral Bay lost out. Commercially, this may have been a bit of a disaster. However, fast forward a number of years and the quality of life has skyrocketed! Take Centerline Road across the island and you will find Cruz Bay in eight lonely miles. Its a great drive, as most of the land you drive by is protected National Park. The East End of St. John is a quick drive as well.

Coral Bay, St. John Beach Vacation

Ghosts in Coral Bay, St. John

Coral Bay, St. John is just a quick drive to some of the best beaches in the world. It should be considered a must-see for any fun beach vacation to the Virgin Islands. Its not the liveliest spot on the planet, but it is not desolate either. There are a couple great spots to grab a bite, a beer or do a quick shop.

Danish influence in Coral Bay

There is one attraction in Coral Bay, worth noting. Located next to the Caroline Estate plantation, home of a 1733 slave revolt, the Emmaus Moravian Church is haunted. During the revolt, the owner of the plantation and his daughter perished. If you are a history geek or have an islands fetish, there is a good account of the rebellion, Night of the Silent Drums written by John L. Anderson.

The Danish influence is especially prevalent in this Virgin Islands outpost.

This project, Beach Spot, has been a lingering thought for nearly 20 years. It started on a crazy offshore Venezuelan island, Isla Margarita, during the first dot com craze. The idea evolved while life continually got in the way. A decade was spent on a Mediterranean island as well as a number of years chasing the sun in the USVI. Back living stateside in San Diego, this project will hopefully be an enjoyable look at a number of beach towns.


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