Best Slow Caribbean Beach in Jamaica: Duncans Bay

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Visit a North Shore Beach in Jamaica

By far, Duncans Bay Beach is one the most relaxed beaches you can kick back on anywhere, even among Caribbean beaches. On paper, it may only be a couple mile drive to Falmouth, but time has literally stopped here. Nobody even knows the last time the Duncan clock tower worked. Don’t expect Doc and Michael J. Fox to blast through in their vintage DeLorean, but this is another world. The small town has a couple shops and places to eat or grab a drink. While some people think, places like this have nothing for you, I respectfully disagree. This is Jamaica in all her splendor.

Duncans Bay Beach Vacations will be slow. All of Jamaica is slow. The Caribbean is slow.

Where is Duncans Bay?  18°28′N 77°32′W

Duncans Bay Beach Vacation : Easy mon

Located in the parish of Trelawny in the central area of Jamaica’s north coast, Duncans Bay can be found next to Silversands. The main town of Trelawny is Falmouth. This parish is developing faster than the rest of the island, in large part due to the gorgeous beaches.

The King of Calypso once lived here in poverty

Fortuitously placed on the north shore of Jamaica, Duncan Bay Beach is roughly half way in-between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay.

There is no denying that Duncan might be a bit run down. On the plus side, you can get fresh fruit and tasty veggies. The little town is friendly and easy going and has a bakery. The King of Calypso, the great Harry Belafonte, once lived here for a while. In the 1950’s, Belafonte went on to popularize with an international audience the Caribbean music style.

The Duncans Bay Beach is frequently not considered to be a resort type area, due to the laid back attitude. While it is true, there are no Hilton’s or Hyatt’s, you can swim in the perfect Caribbean waters in peace and quiet. The water is perfect for snorkeling.  Starting your day early in the morning fishing on this beach is a good idea, as fish of all colors can be seen moving in and out of the various pools made of rock along the shore. This public beach has clear turquoise water is quiet, natural and checks off the boxes for everything you could want from a beach vacation to Jamaica.

one of Jamaica’s best-kept secrets

Duncans Bay has three miles of pristine beach and oceanfront. Rightly so, some developers want to change the area to soon include a marina, golf course, a few hotels and your typical shopping facilities. Duncans Bay beach is one of the best in Jamaica with breathtaking views. There is a lot of history in the area comparable to Coral Bay in the Virgin Islands.

William Knibb was hid by members of his congregation in local caves when irate slave owners were trying to arrest and charge with him with treason after burning his house down. Knibb was an English Baptist minister and missionary to Jamaica from the UK, known chiefly today for his work to free slaves. The local caves also show remnants of Arawak history.

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