Playa Esterillos Centro: a Costa Rican Surf Spot near Jaco

By Tee1

Costa Rica Surf Spot and Nice Quiet Beach

Since Playa Esterillos Centro is only 20 minutes outside of Jaco, it is relatively easy to access this Costa Rican surf spot. It is about 30 minutes north of the famous Manuel Antonio beach also. Near the rocky point of the far north part of this long undeveloped beach, there is a small fishing community. In the other direction (to the south) is an estuary. Playa Esterillos Centro is named after this. Esterillos Centro can be found in between Esterillos Este and Esterillos Oeste.

For now, this area is not developed. Realistically, thats not going to last terribly long considering the surf and proximity to Jaco. Right now, its an incredibly quiet and fun beach vacation spot. The Oeste portion of this relaxed beach is more popular for surf, but there are good to decent waves all along this area. People call Oeste, “Bejuco”.

Perfect destination for quiet family getaways

In the Central Pacific region of little Costa Rica, Playa Esterillos is a good sized golden sand beach. Esterillos is just south of the more well known Playa Hermosa, which is just south of Jaco.

Where is Esterillos Centro? 9°53′N 84°49′W

Playa Esterillos Centro is a peaceful beach

On the shores of the Gulf of Nicoya, this peaceful beach community is readily accessible. Esterillos Centro is a frequent stop off for people on driving through the region on a tour on Route 34. The typical hospitality you will find here is common to North Puntarenas. Locals enjoy the relaxed small town vibe of the area. If you visit this beach spot, you can enjoy all of the views the rest of the coast offers. You just don’t need to share it with as many people.

If you want to stay here, there are a few smaller places on the beach. It will be a little cheaper, and might not be as fancy as some other spots, but its a good place. Especially, if you are in the market for waves and perfect sunsets. Jaco is only a few miles away, if you want to want the bright lights of this Central American nation during your beach holiday.

This little beach hamlet is relatively close to two amazing natural parks. Both the Carara National Park as well as the more famous Manuel Antonio National Park should be seen if the opportunity presents itself. Each park has a wide variety of adventure and excitement. No matter what activities you choose, chances are you see some exotic animals too. It’s possible to see crocodiles even closer, in the Estero Aserradero river. This beach town, while sleepy at first glance, offers a good many options for an exciting trip.

Obviously, the main draw here is the surf and great Costa Rica beach. But there is a lot to for non-surfers including diving, snorkeling, horse back riding, fishing, hiking, kayaking, paragliding, etc. The beach borders rain forest, so keeping an eye out for animals can be fun. So for good reason, this is a popular surf destination, it can also be considered for an easy spot to get away from it all.