Folly Beach, South Carolina

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In addition to the lovely ante bellum city of Charleston, you easily can pack a Folly Beach vacation into a short trip along the Atlantic Ocean. Folly Beach is only 11 miles south of the downtown area of everyone’s favorite city. Folly Beach is a fun beach spot that is full of both character and characters. Along the little town’s main road aptly named Center Street, you will find the quaint usual offerings of gift shops, cafes, surf shops and bars and restaurants. Folly Beach vacations have been enthralling knowledgeable beach lovers for generations.

Known to Charleston locals as “the Edge of America”

It is a fairly popular surf spot for the east coast, even though the conditions are a bit wanting. Some of the breaks include: the Washout, 10th Street and the Edwin S. Taylor Folly Beach Fishing Pier. Walk, fish, birdwatch or just relish the moment and views of the Edge of America. Folly Beach vacations tend to offer a lot of activity and fun beach stuff on the South Carolina shore!

Where is Folly Beach?  32°40′N 79°56′W

Folly Beach is the largest town on Folly Island, which is located just south of  the city of Charleston, South Carolina. Folly Island is a barrier island in the Atlantic Ocean. It falls within the confines of Charleston County and is one of the over 100 Sea Islands. The Sea Islands stretch along the shores of the coast from South Carolina down to Florida, including Georgia, of course. Folly island is only 7 square miles. During migration seasons, the endangered North Atlantic right whales migrate along this coast. They are the state animal of not only South Carolina, but Georgia as well.

Once know as Coffin Island

Folly Island is rich in history which includes real life pirates, Indians, composers, and of course the Confederacy and occasionally fierce hurricanes. Union soldiers used the island as a staging area for battling the Charleston’s Confederate forces. The island was used as a supply depot primarily, but was home to some minor action. On the 10th of May,1863, some Confederates on a fact-finding recon mission attacked the Union forces stationed there.

Every few years, Folly Beach vacations and the region are disrupted by by hurricanes moving up the Atlantic Coast beaches. As too many are unfortunately familiar, hurricanes bring high winds, flooding and pounding surf which all contribute mightily to long lasting beach erosion in best case scenarios. The Folly Beach County Park needed to be closed due to erosion stemming from Hurricane Irene in 2011.

After bad storms, the Charleston County Bomb Squad and their friends from Folly Beach Public safety discover cannonballs from the Civil War. 16 cannon balls in a “loading position” were found following 2016’s Hurricane Mathew.

Densely packed with undergrowth and tress this island had little commercial use initially. The name of this perfect little beach spot, Folly, comes from the Old English name for “dense foliage”. The island was inhabited by members of the Bohicket tribe of native Americans until the growth of Charleston caused them to relocate.

For a period and depending upon your point of view, the South Carolina coast had a pirate problem. The many barrier and sea islands, inlets, sounds and bay were irresistible to the likes of Black Beard and Stede Bennet.

Not because of anything nefarious, but cool all the same, Folly Beach was once called Coffin Island. Today’s Folly Beach vacations take place on land owned by the Coffin family. They were owners of a plantation and Beaufort and Charleston counties.

Today the nearly 2500 residents of Folly Beach, SC gladly welcome the large numbers of visitors to the area with open arms. A laid back Folly Beach vacation shows the best of this area’s nature. Some shipwreck survivors in 1832 did not find Charleston quite as pleasant. To be fair, they were carrying cholera on board the Amelia. Access to the island was understandably blocked to prevent an outbreak.

Activities: Folly Beach Vacations

Gradually after the Civil War, interest in the nearly abandoned Folly Beach increased. Building proceeded in earnest from the 40s on. The boardwalk, pier and and shops were all built in the 1960s. The composers Gershwin and Heyward wrote the American opera Porgy and Bess on Folly Beach in the summer of 1934. It is said that Folly Beach is a community that is a people’s beach with a popularity that draws visitors from all over.

The huge fishing pier is not only the 2nd longest on the East Coast, it is the focal point of your stay. If you are visiting, strongly consider having a meal on the pier and enjoy the spectacular views which extend over 1000 feet into the Atlantic.

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