Best Sandy Beach in Malta: Golden Bay Beach

By Tee1

Since Malta does not have very many sandy beach spots, the Golden Bay beach is always popular. That aside, this bay is great for families with children as well as people looking to party a bit. The water is great (safe) for swimming here, most of the time (from May through October). Like other parts of the world, if there are red flags do not go in the water. When the Mediterranean is rough, it is dangerous. There are a number of activities here to keep yourself occupied from parasailing, rentals, snorkeling, etc. It is one of the best vacation spots on the beach in this archipelago.

This beach is usually packed with locals and also tourists, due to the nearby resort. It is also easy to get to, as there is a good amount of parking and the public transportation system will take you here. This is the 2nd most popular beach in Malta, after Mellieha Bay. In general, it is a much better place than Mellieha Bay, and probably the best beach in Malta. While this island can’t manage their buses or control development, Malta is a fun place for a beach party or beach barbecue.

Where is Golden Bay, Malta? 35°93′N 14°34′E

Best Beach in Malta: Golden Bay

The island is blessed with perfect weather most of the year and is stunningly beautiful, even for a Mediterranean beach. The sunsets from this bay are memorable. As the beach clears out, it’s truly an awesome place. During the day, the heat and the crowds can be a bit much. So bring water, sunblock, and some shade. There are a couple simple places to eat, get drinks, ice cream etc. I’d suggest packing some food, unless you don’t mind waiting. If you aren’t from the Mediterranean or Caribbean, the wait will drive you crazy.

While this is a great place to visit all year, swimming is definitely off-limits in the winter months. In fact, the waters are so rough, that the Mediterranean sea was closed each winter in antiquity. Technically, it was just coastal navigation that the Romans put a halt to, as open water routes operated year round. Occasionally, foreign tourists do find trouble by not respecting these warnings in the winter.

Golden Bay Beach

Anyway, no matter what time of year you visit, check the trail to the left of the beach. It is relatively easy and only takes about an hour. The view is worth the minor investment of your time.

Not surprisingly, there is always the chance that people will be getting married on the beach in Golden Bay. If you want to have a large formal party, a permit is required. Short of that, you can almost do whatever you want (within certain limitations). Ladies need to keep their tops on at all times. Malta is an extremely conservative Catholic country. Guys, don’t even think about skinny dipping. Off hours included. You will wind up in jail, and also the newspapers. Smoking a spliff, is also off limits in public. Just because you see locals smoking, does not mean you can. You have been warned.
What you can do in Golden Bay is jetski, paraglide, hire umbrellas and chairs, drink ice cold beer, ride banana boats, BBQ on the beach, or just float in the perfect water. Don’t forget the sunset either.
On the north-western shore of Malta, Golden Bay is found next to Għajn Tuffieħa, another exotic beach place. The beaches are separated by the big hill to the left. You will see an old fort/ military outpost overlooking the area. This was constructed by the Knights of Malta to keep out the forces of the Ottoman Empire. Golden Bay is near the village of Manikata. The sand is reddish and the beach has dunes on the slopes surrounding it. It is a pleasing and relaxing place to be.

Like neighboring Għajn Tuffieħa, Golden Bay is also a sandy beach. Due to the larger beach area, facilities, and easier access, it is a lot more popular. That might be the only drawback to this spot. Golden Bay beach’s high quality (a Blue Flag certified location) makes it crowded. The surroundings of the bay are mostly unspoiled and extremely peaceful. On the right side of the bay, the snorkeling is pretty good. If the wind is blowing in, the visibility will be decreased. The visibility is impressive the rest of the time.

From June 15th until September 15th, lifeguards are on duty.

In the many years, I had the privilege to call Malta home, this was always a welcome respite from the “hustle” of the beach in Sliema. Looking back, I find it hard to believe I didn’t spend more time at the Golden Bay beach.