Grenada Vacation : Grand Anse Beach

By Tee1

Visit Grenada, Grand Anse Beach Vacation

The island nation of Grenada has been blessed with 45 tremendous beaches, however Grand Anse beach is truly incomparable and the best of the lot.  Grand Anse beach is two miles of white sands ideally located on the sheltered leeward (western) side of the island. Being situated on the leeward shore shelters this fun beach spot from the waves, wind and strong currents predominant in places like Prickly Bay on the other side of the island. This exotic beach vacation spot can be found a short distance from St. George’s, the capital city.

watch nesting sea turtles at night in the summer

Grande Anse beach is Grenada’s high rent district. Some beach resorts are placed on this beautiful beach and it is featured in all of the advertising for the island chain.  Fortunately, this beach doesn’t disappoint and backs up anything written about it. In addition to great hotels, this well known beach is also overlooked by the grand old houses from another era. Choices along the beach for accommodations are varied from ultra deluxe to simpler and easier on the wallet guest houses.

Where is Grand Anse Beach? 12°03′N 61°45′W

The island nation of Grenada focuses its marketing efforts on honeymooners. So some say that families with kids might want to stay on at the bigger resorts on Grand Anse Beach. Since this is a safe beach, where you want to stay has more to do with style and budget than other concerns. If for some unforeseen reason you want to do something other than play on the beach, the Grand Etang Forest Reserve offers hiking trails in a Caribbean rainforest.

Grenada: other than the beaches

This small island nation, located at the southern end of the Grenadines, is in the Southeastern Caribbean. This little sovereign country is made up of the island of Grenada with its six sister islands. This “Island of spice” is slightly more than 125 sq. miles. (133 to be exact) and, as of 2012, inhabited by 110,000 people.  So in addition to supplying the world with not only nutmeg, but also mace…Grenada gives us contestants in the Summer Olympic Games every four years! In 2012, this beach spot took home a gold medal. Well done Grenada.

This is volcanic islands with great soil that is nourished by several small rivers. In addition to one of the nicest beaches in the world, Grand Anse, Grenada also has a number of incredibly scenic waterfalls. The interior of the island is rather mountainous with a peak more than half a mile up!

Grande Anse Beach Vacation: One of the Best

Nobody knows for sure, the history of the name Grenada. It’s more than likely that the Spanish sailors were longing for home and called this beautiful Caribbean island after the city Granada. Grenada or the French “la Grenade” was in common usage by the start of the 1700’s. The sailors would have seen this future beach vacation destination traveling with Christopher Columbus on his 3rd expedition in 1498. Columbus or Colon named it “La Concepción” for the Virgin Mary.

“That’s mine. That too. I’ll take that island.”

While this was “claimed” for Spain, there is nothing to prove or even suggest the Spaniards even bothered to step foot on land here. “That’s mine. That too. I’ll take that island.” France eventually settled here in 1650, but gave up the beaches of Grenada to the British about 100 years later in the Treaty of Paris, ending the 7 years war. Grenada was effectively thrown in, with its tropical climate. Cooled by trade winds (the trades) during the dry season, it is hot and humid for the rainy part of the year. In the last 50 years, Grenada has only suffered three hurricanes due its good fortune to be on the southern edge of the hurricane belt.

Scuba Diving in Grenada

The wreck of the Bianca-C, an Italian luxury liner is the top billed site in Grenada and one of the best in the Caribbean. There are over 40 other boat dives you can check out in the area. The dive sites are a combination of wrecks and reefs with abundant marine life. Eels, nurse sharks, turtles, rays and all of the other Caribbean fish are around in good number on the local reefs.

Following a fatal explosion the Bianca C sank in 1962. After being towed to her final resting place out of the harbor, the wreck is exposed to strong currents and considered a thrilling dive at a depth of a minimum of 37m.


My friend Geoff contributed these pictures. The day Chris Cornell died, Geoff and I reminisced about blaring an Audioslave concert from Cuba on Manoel Island years ago. Willingly or not, the entire marina got to enjoy the show. Thanks Geoff….