Hollywood Beach, Hollywood, Florida

By Tee1

Located on the beach between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood Beach is home to nearly 150,000 people. This growing beach city in Broward Country has near perfect weather conditions. Over the course of the year, the temperature will fluctuate slightly between 83 and 68 degrees F. This is a great choice for a beach vacation, if you don’t want to deal with the all of the humanity that South Beach has become over  the years.

At slightly more than 5 miles in length, Hollywood Beach is a wonderful example of a great South Florida beach. The majority of Atlantic Ocean beaches do not compare well with this beach spot. A small section of beach has been deeded to Dania Beach.

[pullquote]None other than the famed Joe DiMaggio choose to live in Hollywood Beach[/pullquote]

On a certain level, Joseph Young totally floundered, when he birthed Hollywood, Florida in 1925. He aimed to recreate the other town on the East Coast. Movies are still the domain of Los Angeles, but Young did grab a large chunk of South Florida real estate in 1920. Since Young’s other venture was called “Hollywood in the Hills”, he named this one, “Hollywood by the Sea”.

Where is Hollywood Beach?  26°01′N 80°12′W

In Young’s dreams, Main street was going to be Hollywood Boulevard. Country clubs, luxury beach resorts, golf courses and lakes would fill the town. It would be paradise or at least a great spot for a beach vacation.
[pullquote]Things didn’t work out that way though. [/pullquote]
As so happens in the tropics with an ever increasing regularity, Hollywood beach and South Florida were smashed by the famed 1926 Miami hurricane. The losses were staggering and reported to be second only to Miami. When Young died a few years later and more hurricanes crushed his dreams, it seemed like the grandeur  of Hollywood Beach was over before it took off. The Stock Market crash and subsequent Great Depression were further omens of doom and gloom.
Currently, the city is about 30 square miles, with 60 parks, and beautiful beaches for miles with seven golf courses. The DC based group, The Clean Beaches Council awarded Broward County with the initial “Most Innovative Beach” award! Hollywood Beach was one of the first beach spots to be recognized as a Blue Wave Beach. Blue Wave Beaches are “the nations cleanest, safest and most user-friendly beaches”.

Best Florida Vacation Spots: Hollywood Beach

Charming holiday makers for almost 100 years is the award-winning Hollywood beach. Located in close proximity to Miami, but without the South Beach hangovers, Hollywood is possibly the best beach town in South Florida. Enjoy the 2.5 mile promenade, called the Hollywood Beach boardwalk, for some world class people watching. Not only was this named one of America’s Best Beach Boardwalks by Travel and Leisure magazine, it was also recognized as a Traveler’s Choice Winner by Trip Advisor. Along the boardwalk, you have ample beer drinking opportunities. Of course, the brick boardwalk is also suited for jogging and riding bicycles. 
It is a great place on the beach to party. Top restaurants are everywhere, so all budgets can safely play here. Picnicking is only permitted on one sandy beach between Sherman and Custer Streets. A good option for families would be renting a cabana for a hot day on the beach.

Hollywood Beach has been blessed with 7 miles of ocean front. Designated Blue Wave Beaches with beer, this is a beach vacation spot for the masses.

Thanks to my good old friend – Chris for the pictures. Chris is a leading chef in Hollywood Beach and a renowned Jagermeister aficionado. Occasionally, we attended Manasquan High School together.