Malta Beach Party

On the island of Malta, I went to a beach party once that rivaled anything I saw growing up on the Jersey Shore or in a number of years in the Caribbean or South America. It was blistering hot and transportation was provided to this small cove called, Little Armier Bay. Actually, about two buses of people were delivered there for an afternoon of fun.

An arrangement must have been reached with the tiny hotel and its concession to just close a blind eye for the day. Of that, I know nothing.

Sunny Little Malta Beach Party

All the food and drinks were provided. There was an amazing array of both. Burgers, ribs, salads or fish were all expertly prepared under the watchful eye of a South African mega-yacht chef. He has been my “friend” on facebook ever since!  He was pretty awesome. Anyway, this dude knew how to run a BBQ on the beach, feed a lot of hungry people and also knock back a fantastic amount of Jägermeister. Well done, Stephen Mills.

If my memory serves right, there were flowing drinks and fun things to do everywhere. The bay is relatively small and overlooks Comino and Gozo. It is the most remote beach spot in Malta. There is a sandy beach and crystal clear water. The water gets deeper very gradually and is pleasant, no matter how spoiled you are.  This beach party took place in May, so the water temp was probably 23C/73F.

Mana Tapu Music Video:  Malta Beach Party

The reason I was on this semi-remote beach for a party with about 200 other people was to film a music video. The Canadian drummer and I , were discussing some potential business at the time. It wasn’t necessarily a good fit for work, but he invited me to a beach party he was having. I had no idea this was for his band and not gambling related. So, I was more than a little apprehensive when I agreed to go.

Typically, gatherings of online casino people run on the dreadful side, outside of beach parties in Aruba. It’s a good policy to avoid, at least in Europe, large groups of cynical casino product managers, marketing types and customer facing operators. Anyway, Andrew was not cut from the same mold. He worked for himself and was actually a musician, at least as much as he was an entrepreneur. Whatever he does, he knows about throwing the Malta beach party.

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I thought that was cool and generous,  so I asked if I could bring a few friends and was told, “hell yeah, whoever you want”. So Saturday morning comes, and we walk over to the pub about a block away. It’s on the busy side and there are tons of hot chicks. This is Malta, so it’s not terribly surprising on a gorgeous day. At about 10am, all of the people began getting up en masse and walking out the front door. Obviously, we are all going to this beach party together. I am simultaneously pleasantly surprised and impressed by the showing.

Malta being Malta, the bus gets lost or the dog ate the driver’s homework. It’s late coming to get us. While mulling around out on the sidewalk, I keep on hearing “music video” in the polyglot of languages which seems odd initially. A Scandinavian girl tells me that we are all extras for a beach party music video for Manu Tapu. She is genuinely surprised I don’t know this and don’t seem to appreciate how lucky I am to have been personally invited.

We all load onto the transport eventually and there is a buzz I really didn’t expect when I started the day. I start thinking, this is going to be fun. It takes nearly an hour to get there. As Little Armier comes into view, people are playing games and there is a stage set up on the beach. At a quarter mile down the road, its obvious that drinks are flowing.

The sun is intense. For the first time in my many years of being in the Mediterranean- this is a real beach party. Good music is blasting and everybody here is supposed to be. Good people all around. Some are in the water, some lying around, laughing wherever you looked.  Its not really crowded though. Most likely, all of the nations of the EU are well represented on this little beach today.

The guy who invited me welcomed me with a hug. I am thinking WTF am I back in the Virgin Islands? There are a few quick introductions to the band and some others. I am instructed to have fun and make myself at home. There is a U-haul like trailer with a couple couches, a table and a 2ft. bong.

A few minutes later the band starts to play. Its a reggae/ska sound supported by a number of insanely attractive European women dancing in the sand. The band rocks into the night.

It was a well planned and amazing beach party by any standard. For Europe, it was a much needed touch of the Americas.