Jensen Beach Park, Florida

By Tee1

Jensen Beach Park can be found on Hutchinson Island in Florida. It is a scenic vacation beach that is wide open and feels wild. The island has a few beaches to choose from. All of them are recommended for your pleasure. The main beach spot for your hot day at the beach is called Jensen Sea Turtle Beach. Its a good place to kick back for the afternoon primarily because it is a guarded beach. Always a good idea to be near the guards, especially if you don’t know the area. Anyway, it great to play around on the other beaches since there aren’t as many people and you can enjoy the space, throw a football or whatever you are in the mood for.

Besides the usual sun worshipping, swimming, surfing Jensen Beach Park , aka the Sea Turtle Beach is a good spot for people watching on this nice sandy Atlantic Ocean beach. Back in 2008, the main public beach on Hutchinson Island was called the Top Spot for Beach Volleyball. You will find parking, showers and a concession stand.

Where is Jensen Beach Park?  27°15′N 80°14′W


Jensen Beach is on Florida’s Treasure Coast. The Treasure Coast is on the Atlantic and includes the 3 counties of Indian River, St. Lucie and Martin. In 1715, the Spanish lost a treasure fleet to a hurricane around the Sebastian Inlet. For about 250 years, it was just sitting there until some salvagers decided they wanted the booty. The discovery of treasure brought significant international attention to this area,  hitherto sans a nickname. Newspapermen from the Vero Beach Press Journal started using Treasure Coast in their stories and the name stuck.

Jensen Beach Park: Sea Turtles

It’s said that Spanish treasure and artifacts from the wrecks can still be found today. Whether that is true or clever marketing by this small city of 11,000 people, I would hate to speculate. I do know that finding a bit of gold while on your semi-tropical beach vacation appeals to all of my senses.

Jensen Sea Turtle Beach as the name implies is a beach spot where sea turtles nest. To protect the sea turtle’s nests parts of this public beach are shut down and barricaded off. Amazingly, there are three species of turtle here: green sea turtle, loggerhead and the majestic leatherback. The most common turtle and nest found on these beaches are Loggerheads. Most of the nest locations are marked with dates – when the egg was laid with also the projected hatch date about 60 days later.  The populations of these amazing animals are dropping because of beach erosion on Hutchinson Island. If you happen to see turtle egg dates, stay away from those beaches at night for those dates.  Nesting season is late April to early September. Obviously, please don’t bother the nests or the eggs.

On both the Atlantic Ocean and Indian River Lagoon sides of Hutchinson Island you will find great beaches. Turtles are partial to the beaches on the ocean side. State biologists study and protect the turtles as well as they can.

Jensen Beach Park’s weather, like most of Florida is hot and humid in the summer with a very mild winter.

I need to thank my high school buddy Jack C. from Manasquan for taking the time to send these pictures and letting me know a bit about the area.  Right on Jack…Thank you, sir.