Law Street Beach Free Yoga and Surfing in San Diego

By Tee1

Law Street Beach in PB

These days, I must admit that I am quite partial to the Law Street Beach in PB (Pacific Beach), San Diego. I go by it multiple times every day and enjoy it thoroughly. Many of the exotic beach spots that have been listed on the pages of this site were favorites of mine, at one time or another over the years. Some of the recollections have gotten hazy or maybe a bit rose colored with from nostalgia. While PB will never be considered exotic, the beaches here blow most places away.

The Law Street beach is only a couple blocks away from home which makes it perfect for a quick hop into the water. It is beyond scenic and I feel fortunate to have this wonderful opportunity to enjoy the Pacific Ocean for the first time in my life. Like so many other places in San Diego, it’s also a popular surf spot. In the mornings and around sunset, you can find people doing yoga overlooking the beach from Palisades Park.

Where is Law Street Beach? 32°80′N 117°24′W

Look to the Left for the Crystal Pier

There is a nice view of the Crystal Pier to the south jutting out 872 feet into the water. Along the pier you can fish or just wander and take in the sights or watch surfers. There are some cute cottages that can be rented on the pier. No permits are required to fish from the Crystal Pier and it is one of the best places to watch San Diego sunset on the beach. Its hard to say if it is any more or less fantastic than the Palisades Park to watch the sun drop. Anyway, the pier was opened in 1927 and apparently, in the summer, rooms on the pier are booked a year in advance. Sporadically, waves play havoc with the structure and In 1987, 240 feet of pier was ripped off during a storm.

Look to the Right for Tourmaline Surfing Park

Being California and the Pacific, this beach will always be at a slight disadvantage compared to the Med or the Caribbean for one simple reason. Most of the time, the water is freezing. The area is unquestionably breathtaking, like few other places. However, getting into the Pacific was challenging after spending so many years in beach spots with warm water. Not too long ago, I was given a spring suit. I get it now and love San Diego a bit more every day.

There is no drinking on the beach in San Diego or any of California’s many other beaches. Word has it, that this beach town was insane back in the day. I have heard a few stories about furniture being torched on the beaches during parties. Things have changed. The area is pretty well gentrified and too expensive for excessive stupidity.

There are no fire pits, but at night you can bring your own. It’s a good place for picnics or kids parties in the evening. There are public facilities at the ramp down to the beach and showers. You are on your own for parking on the street. You can either bring your own food during the day or walk for something quick on the boardwalk. This is where the boardwalk starts and extends 3 miles south to Mission Beach.