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Manasquan Beach, New Jersey

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Where is Manasquan Beach in New Jersey

Having gone to the local public high school in the Ronald Reagan years, the Manasquan Beach has a lot of fond memories for me. It was particularly heart breaking when superstorm Sandy devastated the area and surrounding towns in 2012. I was alerted to the severity of the storm by a French colleague of mine who for some reason was following it on the weather channel from our office in the Mediterranean. She also grew up in a small beach town on the Atlantic, so she “just got” my discouragement as we watched the TV out of the corner of our eyes.

I followed the storm from afar, but really had trouble comprehending the grief this hurricane and subsequent flooding caused friends, family and acquaintances. Wikipedia estimates the damage from the storm around 75 billion dollars. It took a few years, but I think for the most part – that people have been able to move on thanks to the tireless efforts of a lot of volunteers and donations.

Where is Manasquan Beach? 40° 11′ N 74°, 04′ W

Manasquan Beach in New Jersey

Manasquan Inlet, the Beach and Fun

The housing along Manasquan beach was severely damaged. Last fall I went through for the first time since the storm. The Manasquan beach area looked vastly different to me, partly because so many beautiful beach houses were newly rebuilt and also, it had been 5 years, since I last visited. In the summer, Manasquan is a party town. It’s a great beach vacation place for some good natured fun.

The beach in Manasquan is bordered by the Army Camp and the Sea Girt beach to the North with the Manasquan Inlet to the south. The inlet connects to Bay Head Harbor and the Barnegat Bay and is the Intracoastal Waterway’s northern terminus. The Intracoastal follows the coast for almost the entire Eastern Seaboard and wraps around the Gulf of Mexico as well all the way to Brownsville, Texas.

Manasquan Inlet Beach

Manasquan beach’s inlet is one of the most popular surf spots on the East Coast. It hosts a number of surf competitions each year. Besides surfing, the inlet is also extremely popular for fishing from the jetty throughout the year. When the blue fish run, its pretty cool as just about anything thrown in the water will quickly get hit. There are a couple coffee shops and some parking at the inlet that make it a popular spot early in the morning.

Beach Vacation in Manasquan

The beach does not offer much parking and badges are required, but it is still a great beach town to visit. There are a couple places to get a light bite to eat, have a beer or get a pork roll and cheese. It is an overwhelming New York Yankees and Giants community.  Is this the best beach in the US?. No, probably not, but its fun.

New Jersey Manasquan Beach

Manasquan is popular all summer long for a holiday, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Manasquan is connected to the city by train.  The water is a little chilly until August, but I loved it when I lived on the East Coast.  The people from Squan are great.

This project, Beach Spot, has been a lingering thought for nearly 20 years. It started on a crazy offshore Venezuelan island, Isla Margarita, during the first dot com craze. The idea evolved while life continually got in the way. A decade was spent on a Mediterranean island as well as a number of years chasing the sun in the USVI. Back living stateside in San Diego, this project will hopefully be an enjoyable look at a number of beach towns.


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