Narva-Joesuu Beaches, Estonia

By Tee1

Initially wildly popular with the nearby nobility of St. Petersburg, the Narva-Joesuu beaches have increased in fame since the late 19th century. The elegant former Russian capital of St. Petersburg is located less than 100 miles to the east.  Locally known as the best beach in Estonia, the Narva-Joesuu beaches have surprisingly warm water and a temperate climate. Visitors to this beach community will experience the warm season, from June 4 to September 5, with an average daily high temperature above 62°F. Boating and supposedly surfing are increasing in popularity here!

The hottest day of the year is July 25, with an average high of 71°F and low of 58°F.

The 5.5 mile pine tree covered stretch of white sandy beach makes for a perfect summer day of relaxation and fun. Obviously, being along the shores of the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea, this is an extremely cold beach spot in the winter months. It’s not as bad as it sounds. The cold season lasts for less than 4 months each year, from late November to mid-March!

Where is Narva-Jõesuu, Estonia? 59°27′ N 28°02′ W

In the Soviet period, the Estonia beaches of Narva-Joesuu were frequented by residents of Leningrad, previously St. Petersburg, in large numbers.  Often, the Russian intelligentsia bought dachas (summer cottages) along the outskirts of town or the the Narva-Joesuu beaches.

Along the shores of the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Coast, the Narva Joesuu Beaches are found, in north-east Estonia. Narva-Jõesuu’s beach is about 5.5 miles (9km) long. This Estonian beach is a strip of sand dunes and covered by pine forest. It is a popular beach spot for tourists and also the largest beach in Estonia. Well known for a temperate  climate and beautiful scenery, the Narva-Joesuu beaches are the north-eastern end of the 3000+ mile (5000 km) E9 European Coastal Path, from Cabo de São Vicente in Portugal.

Narva-Jõesuu: in both Russian and Estonian, the town’s name means “Mouth of the Narva”.  The natural Estonian- Russian border is the Narva River.

Narva-Joesuu beaches in 2017

Today, Narva-Jõesuu is a top of the line beach vacation spot in Estonia. Granted, it might not be the South Pacific, it is still insanely exotic. How often do you see the Russian shoreline while you are drinking a beer on the beach?

In addition to the Narva-Joesuu beaches, all visitors are strongly advised to enjoy one of the many spas and a sumptuous sauna. After you are done feeling healthy, dance the night away and party till dawn in summer. Don’t forget there is not much darkness at this northerly latitude. A substantial array of restaurant options exist in the area.

While Estonia is not that far removed from its ugly communist Soviet days, it does have some generous creature comforts on its beaches. Most importantly, the Estonia beaches are protected by lifeguards. Showers and cabins are available for public use and there is a playground for kids. Adults have volleyball courts. You can expect to have a good time.

for those who want to sunbathe without bathing suits

Most of the residents of Narva Joesuu are going to be Russian speaking as native Estonians number about 10%. Communication might be a bit tricky, but chances are at least a rudimentary English will be spoken. During the first years of Estonia’s restored independence, Narva-Joessuu had very few tourists. Resorts, guest houses and hotels went out of business at an alarming rate. Fortunately, for the locals here, that trend is reversing and the tourists are starting to come back. Slowly the resorts are being renovated and this area is set to boom. The capital of Estonia, Talinn is experiencing a cultural and economic renewal led in part by the founding of Skype.

Birth of the Narva-Joesuu Nude Beach

The only official nude beach in Estonia can be found slightly more than a mile from the town border. So Estonia’s official nude beach is roughly 3 miles (5km) from the regular beach. Informally, the nude beach had existed since the late 80s, but the site gained official recognition in 2007.  The Nude Association and the Narva-Joesuu local government signed a contract for a 400 meter part of the coastline, for those who want to sunbathe without bathing suits.

Water Temperature in Estonia

From miserable to incredibly cold, the average water temperature in Estonia experiences significant seasonal variation throughout the year. However, for almost 3 months, the temperature isn’t much different than San Diego and SoCal! The water temp averages over 57°F from July to mid September.

A special thanks to my old friend Viking (Tero) and his lovely new bride for the images and insight to the Estonian coast. I have had the pleasure of many late Maltese nights and two miraculous New York Giant Super Bowls with Viking.