Green Key Beach, New Port Richey, Florida

By Tee1

Looking for a day of sun and fun in the outskirts of Tampa Bay, Florida? The beaches in New Port Richey provide an oasis of relaxation and nature. Look for the Green Key Beach located in the Robert K. Rees Memorial Park. The park is open 7 days from dawn to dusk. Unbelievably, this tranquil beach spot is found less than two miles from from the sprawl and traffic of U.S. 19.

To get to the beaches in New Port Richey or Green Key beach, follow the appropriately named Green Key Road, past the small concrete and single-wide homes. Keep going past the nicer canal-front homes, until you see the Green Key beach through the mangroves.  Fortunately, the beaches of New Port Richey do offer a public beach. For visitors and residents alike, this charming little beach in the Robert K. Rees Memorial Park is open to the public daily from dawn to dusk!

Where is New Port Richey? 28°14′ N 82°43′ W

Potentially, this a crowded beach. While that is great for people watching, if you are trying to get away from it all, it can be slightly frustrating. Green Key is a pretty simple, but nice beach. If there are more people than you care to be around, check it the two-story observation deck over the water. Follow the length of the 650 foot boardwalk through the mangroves to a wonderfully peaceful vantage point. There are plenty of conveniently placed benches on the boardwalk to sit back for a moment and gather your thoughts about the natural beauty of the beaches in New Port Richey.

Green Key Beach in New Port Richey, Fl

This is a nice beach to sunbathe. Of course, that should not be very surprising considering it’s in Pasco County, Florida after all. The water temperature in the Gulf all year round hovers between 70 and the mid 80s.

The Green Key Beach is 920′ feet long or about three football fields. It is not the best beach in the US, but it is very enjoyable. There is a good sized designated swim area. When you get out of the water, the park has provided a free-standing shower to rinse off.  For public use, the Robert K. Rees Memorial Park also provides water fountains, a bicycle rack, and benches. It is highly recommended to catch the stunning sunsets, so visit the beaches in New Port Richey before dusk.

No dogs allowed : Green Key Beach, New Port Richey

While this may not be your typical sandy swimming beach, you the bird watching can be quite interesting with birds of all sizes and shapes if you are a nature lover. Bring your binoculars, if you have access to a pair. Some of the many birds that migrate through the park include: sea cranes, ospreys, and blue herons.

Sunset: Beach in New Port Richey

The beaches in New Port Richey are exceptionally generous. Besides showers, and benches, this park also offers grill. If you didn’t pack your lunch, there is a vendor too. Large pavilions are another amenity for the users of the beaches in New Port Richey. Available on a first-come first-served basis, no reservations are necessary for the shelters or pavilion.

If you have brought the kids, there is a full playground including a pirate ship, swings, etc.

You can even launch your boat or canoe for free at the rock-based boat ramp.

This is a community park consisting of 45 acres located right on the Gulf of Mexico.

Thank you very much to an old friend from Manasquan High School for the assistance and pictures of the beaches of New Port Richey. You rock Tammy.