Camp on the beach in Ocean Shores, WA

By Tee1

Ocean Shores camping on the beach

Next time you take a beach vacation, visit the Ocean Shores, Wa beach for a lot more than a laugh. This beach spot plays host to the annual stunt kite challenge in June. People travel large distances to compete. Volunteers will even offer to show the kiddies how to fly a kite at this event. Ocean Shores, Wa is all about family fun on the beach. You can expect to find seashells and creatures from the ocean along the shore.

In fact, there are more than six miles of public beaches to enjoy for free! Dig for razorback clams and build a crazy sandcastle all day long. Break out of your office induced stupor and enjoy the fresh sea air. Rent a huge beach house, then cruise around on bike or hop on a horse. Don’t miss the grey whales in early spring. The grey whales are easily seen just a bit offshore.

Where is Ocean Shores, Wa? 46°58′N 124°09′W

Ocean Shores, Wa Beach Vacations

Washington’s numero uno beach vacation destination, Ocean Shores has been a crowd pleasing favorite since the 1960’s. It sounds like a cliche, but there is something for just about everybody. This beach spot does slow and easy as well as high octane beach activities.

Washington’s numero uno beach vacation destination

A long time before the European explorers and settlers arrived, a number of local tribes traded and made other use of the peninsula here. The City of and Ocean Shore, Wa beach both occupy theWashington coast’s Point Brown’s peninsula. The Quinault Indian Nation including the following tribes: Chinook, Chehalis, and Quinault, made use of the area.

According to the Köppen climate classification, the Ocean Shores, Wa beach has an oceanic climate, approaching Mediterranean weather, especially the damp winter and moderately drier summer. The temperatures do not reach the same heights in summers, but it is comparable.

Ocean Shores, Washington was built parallel to the ocean, with the beach as the central focus.

Ocean Shores and its beaches host more than 3 million visitors annually.  With extremely wide roads and no sidewalks, this beach spot was created for cars and not walking.

Ocean Shores City Beach

With a couple beach resorts and hotels on the water, all six miles of these beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches are public. There is a relatively small dune area on the top of the beach. Incredibly the Ocean Shore beach is considered part of the state highway! You are allowed to park on the beach.

For better or worse, Ocean Shores, Washington, has no restriction re: driving on the beach year round.

Thank you to my cousin Lincoln who shared these photos! Congratulations as Linc managed to see the Cubbies win it all. I had the pleasure of spending one of the better days of my life looking at dinosaurs with Lincoln and his lovely ladies in the city, a number of years ago.