Great Beaches: Parakeet Bay, Rottnest Island, Australia

By Tee1

Found on the northern side of Rottnest Island, Parakeet Bay is a secluded cove. It boasts perfect conditions for swimming in shallow well protected waters. Rottnest Island is commonly known as Rotto. A little more than 10 miles (18km) west of the mainland, Rotto is the favored destination of yachties in Perth, Western Australia.

Parakeet Bay is steep reflective beach fronted by patchy seagrass over a sand seafloor and backed by a scarped 10-20 m high foredune, with a small blowout at the eastern end. There is an adjacent bus stop  located behind the centre of the foredune.

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Where is Parakeet Bay, Rottnest Island? 31°99′S 115°51′E

There are more than 62 beaches and bays on Rottnest Island. The waters around Rottnest have a wondrous turquoise hue as they touch pleasantly sandy beaches. Its not surprising that Parakeet Bay among other Rotto beaches gets crowded in summer.

Parakeet Bay is one of the top beaches found on Rotto. If the opportunity ever presents itself to get there, it is highly recommended. This little paradise, with the beach facing to the north east offers visitors a long beach and its sand dunes provide shelter from the sea breeze.

Tranquil, peaceful, this enchanting bay…

The sandy white beaches and incredibly clear water are straight from a postcard or a travel advert.

Fun Beach Stuff : Parakeet Bay, Rotto

Make the effort to go play with the dunes on the south end of the beach. Check out Little Parakeet Bay off to the left. Walk, swim, run… you will figure it out. Little Parakeet Bay is popular. Very popular. The Basin is the only place that rivals it. There are a number of reasons for this including: its well protected from the sea breeze, the Fremantle Doctor, and close to the settlement of Geordie-Longreach. That said, realistically – Little Parakeet Bay is a hit with all ages because it’s a wonderful, fun beach spot for little children and also absolutely gorgeous.

The daily sea breeze is called the Fremantle Doctor. It is said to be more accurate than most watches. In the morning, a light gust comes from the southwest and evolves into something fierce by mid day. As a healthy percentage of the people here sail, everybody loves it. If you don’t find shelter as the Doctor comes through at about 25 knots- you will feel the gusts in a not so pleasant way.

Rotto: In the water

If you are looking to find starfish and nudibranchs more commonly known as sea slugs, go to the reefs off Parakeet Point. Rottnest is soft and porous because it is a limestone island. Deep crevices, swim throughs and caverns have been made with the combination of soft limestone rock and Indian ocean currents. There is a wide and diverse variety of marine life. The caves and corals will leave even the most experienced divers in awe.

The fishing from the Rottnest beaches is known to be good and the island presents the chance to catch your own lobsters. Head out and you quickly find yourself in big game fishing waters. There are dozens of wrecks to explore off this island.

Of course, you will also find world class surf breaks on the competition route.

Rottnest Quokkas and Selfies

What is a quokka? The happiest animal on earth supposedly. Its pretty apparent Rotto is spoiled with beaches, surf breaks and a breezes. It is also “blessed” with having the happiest animal on earth. A quokka is roughly the size of a cat and lives in an extremely limited range of Western Australia and its offshore islands. It is a macropod (the same family as a kangaroo). The quokka is extremely cute and has no fear of people. It is classified as vulnerable, so feeding it can cost you up to 50k. The island’s pub is named after our furry friend, the Quokka Arms.

Cars not permitted

The roads on this 6 mile island are cycle paths, used for bikes. No cars allowed. You can ride around this entire flat island quite easily if you are able to manage getting here in the first place.

Bicycles are great but get to the “west end” before the breeze to help blow you home.

Because the water clarity is so extraordinary in places like Parakeet Bay, riding a bike around the island is serene activity. Follow the winding road past the cliffs made of limestone and enjoy the sweeping views of the Indian Ocean.

Special thanks to my mate Geoff, from Malta via Perth, WA. Rotto and Parakeet Bay are his stomping grounds. Geoff is sailing the seven seas as an ace engineer in the Caribbean or Med. Depending upon the season, he can be found either in the water or working on it somewhere nice. In general, people don’t get much cooler. I spent part of a winter working for Geoff on the coast of Tunisia once and have had my fill of fun adventures with the guy.