Playa Ancon: Day Trip to Beautiful Cuban Beach

By Tee1

Sleepy Cuban Beach Vacation

Playa Ancon is on the outskirts of the colonial city of Trinidad. Playa Ancon Cuba? Doesn’t that sound like a beach spot to plan your Cuban vacation around?

Believe it or not, choosing the ideal beach vacation place in Cuba isn’t as easy as you think it would be. Don’t worry though. That is going to be changing rapidly and probably not for the better as this exotic tropical island gets introduced to the 21st century in a hurry.

Due to the US being shut out of the Cuban market forever, currently the choices for a Cuban beach vacation are as follows: the AI (all-inclusive) resorts of Varadero and Cayo Coco. These are basically a bit overpriced and overdeveloped. Expect to see hordes of speedo wearing Germans as they knock back mojitos all the while humming Guantanamera. If that’s your thing, cool. Euros are great to be around. I lived with them in the Med for a decade.

If you are more intrepid, there are other options like the countless pristine little beaches that dot the island’s 3,500-mile coastline.  Be prepared though that most of these Cuban beach spots are so out of the way that getting there to actually enjoy them can feel more like an hassle than a pleasant exploration.

Where is Playa Ancon? 21°74′N 80°01′W

2017 Beach in Trinidad Cuba

If you have something more elegant and relaxing in mind, let me suggest that you hop in your rental car in Havana and head straight to Trinidad. There are many beaches near Trinidad on this island’s southern coast. It’s a relatively painless drive from Havana to the cobblestone streets of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Expect the trip to take no more than four hours with no traffic.

Here is where you find that exotic beach spot for your vacation, Playa Ancón. Some people think it is Cuba’s most scenic beach. Look at some of these pictures, and it is hard to disagree.  Playa Ancon Cuba features a dreamy two-mile ribbon of white sand ideal for a hot day at the beach. The beach is only 10 minutes from the city and can even be reached by bicycle (about 7.5 miles/ 12 km).  Once you get to Playa Ancón and its aqua marine water, get in the water. Seriously.

Please see this unedited diving review from my friend Eman from Malta. He visited Ancon and the beaches near Trinidad in an early 2017 Cuba trip.

Beautiful corals
Good bio-diversity
Clear waters
Everything is kept in pristine condition since fishing was never industrialized in Cuba
There’s not many boats and ships operating

Long sandy beach in Cuba – Playa Ancón

It’s possible to find laid back beach resorts here. For better or worse, these happen to be some of the initial Cuban beach resorts built following the revolution. Starting in the 80’s, Playa Ancon Cuba has been developed for international tourism.

On the plus side, the locals from Trinidad, flock here on weekends. In general, the people are pretty cool, like most places in the Caribbean.

Once a landmark for sailors over the centuries, Playa Ancon got its name from a black rock on Punta Maria Aguilar which looks like the leg of a horse. It was given the nickname ancona or hind leg. This silky 2 mile white beach was built up by ocean currents over the years. There is a reef relatively close to shore for the diving and snorkeling that Eman enjoyed so much.

Beach Vacation to Playa Ancon Cuba

Playa Ancon Cuba makes an ideal base from which to explore Trinidad and its the architectural treasures. Additionally, this area is near the forested Sierra del Escambray. It’s the best spot for a Cuban beach holiday, because for the moment it has not been overrun by package tourists yet like Varadero or Guardalavaca.

Known as the south coast’s most beautiful beach, Playa Ancon and its turquoise water is a great choice for a beach vacation to Cuba. The water is quite warm as well, due to its location in the Caribbean.

A heartfelt thanks to my great friend Eman for the pictures and sharing his thoughts. Hailing from the party island of Malta, Eman is an expert on all things relating to the ocean.  See you at Mario’s!