Playa Barcelona, the Best City Beach in Spain

By Tee1

Barceloneta Beach is roughly a 20 minutes walk from La Rambla, Barcelona’s most famous avenue. The residents and tourists of Barcelona can get to this city beach, Playa Barceloneta, very easily by bus, tourist bus or even the metro.  Barceloneta beach is in the barrio “la Barcelona” that used to be a fisherman village. It is currently a favorite beach spot for tourists, although the neighbors aren’t happy about it…

the beach is man made, but is very beautiful and sunny all year long

It is the social hub for people both young and young at heart. This Mediterranean beach is a meeting point for tourists as well as long time residents of this wonderful city. Like a good many places in Europe, the history here goes back a bit. It was founded by either the Phoenicians and Carthaginians (pre-dating Romans involvement). The beaches of Barcelona were involved in other historical events, including the Spanish Reconquista. Enough about the history, people come here to Barceloneta beach to party, enjoy the weather and good vibes.

Where is Playa Barcelona? 41°23′N 2°11′W

Barceloneta Beach: Best Beach in Barcelona

If you think of the best European cities with beaches, where exactly would Barcelona fall on this list? Exactly. It’s sort of like the Miami of Europe.

I stopped traveling when I came here

From the Barcelona city centre, the closest beach is Playa Barceloneta. In addition to being the closest beach spot to this fun city, Barceloneta Beach may also be the best city beach in the world. Like all really cool places (like Malta for example – ha), there is a wonderful promenade along the Mediterranean Sea. The Passeig Maritim, the promenade, is lined with typical tapas restaurants serving excellent seafood and other delicacies, the promenade is incredibly busy in summer and can’t be beat for people watching.

A spot on the beach in La Barceloneta

To get a prime spot in the sand, its suggested you get there early because of the immense popularity of this fun beach! There are several volleyball courts available for the athletes. For everybody else who was out late enjoying Las Ramblas, you can rent beach chairs, umbrellas etc. Changing rooms, showers and other amenities are also available for a fee.  In the summer months, the warm water is perfectly calm the majority of the time. Swimming, wind or kite surfing, sailing are all good choices for a hot day at the beach in Spain. The beaches are protected by lifeguards, so its safe for the whole family.

You will find a ton of places to kick back along the Barceloneta beach.  There are so many great beach bars or chiringuitos, selling sangría, paella and other dishes at reasonable prices. Many of these chiringuitos turn into small parties complete with DJs or live music in the afternoon. Check along the Passeig de Joan de Borbó for a good selection of cafes or restaurants.

Barceloneta Beach is pure fun

On the north side of the beach is the Port Olímpic area, built for the 1992 Olympic Games. Today it is a good area for partying with lively bars, casinos and clubs. Being that Barcelona is an important city, there is a lot to the area, outside of Barceloneta beach. There is obviously a lot of art and also an aquarium.

I would like to thank the beautiful Michi, my friend from Isla Margarita for her insight into her adopted home of Barcelona and the pictures. Michele was so taken by the open mindedness of this city, she planted roots immediately and ended her nomadic ways.  She enjoys the free wifi from her cannabis club as well as the cool dancing along the beach. 

Re: the cannabis club. It’s private. You must be a local resident and recommended by a member. Smoking on the street is completely forbidden. They are not trying to become the new Amsterdam.

Thank you again Michelle…