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Tropical Surf Paradise: Playa Esterillos Oeste Costa Rica

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Where is Playa Esterillos, Costa Rica

Playa Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica is a beach spot found about 80 miles/ 120 km from the capital, San Jose. It’s close to the beach vacation city of Jacó, on the Central Pacific coast of this Central American paradise. Playa Esterillos Oeste is in the Puntarenas province, Parrita canton. CR’s seven provinces are sub-divided into 81 cantons.

Playa Esterillos is an extensive (4+ miles/ 7km long) beach on an open gray rectangular coast, which is characterized by abundant natural wealth along the whole coastline. This exotic beach spot in Costa Rica is bordered by a tropical forest dominated by both palm trees and almond trees. It’s not that far from the world famous beach in Manuel Antonio National Park.

Where is Playa Esterillos?  9°53′N 84°49′W

Playa Esterillos Oeste, CR

Beach Vacation Spot: Playa Esterillos Oeste

Playa Esterillos has three sections: Esterillos Este, Esterillos Centro and Esterillos Oeste. For the linguistically challenged that is East, Center and West.

a number of man eating crocodiles

The beaches of Esterillos Centro and Este are separated by the Bejuco river from one another. They are each rich with aquatic life in their respective mangroves. However, Playa Esterillos Oeste is different with its small streams and rocky promontories which can be used to see wildlife. Nothing exciting, just your typical iguanas, birds and a number of man eating crocodiles. My friend Nelly surfs there a lot. He’s not too concerned. I guess you shouldn’t be either.

Nelson surfs with crocs: there are crocs here where i surf everyday
Me: Have you seen these monsters?
Nelson surfs with crocs : Yes, in the water near by cruising for their food.
Nelly runs Black Sand Surf, so he really does know what he is talking about by the way.

Nice sunset in CR

Punta Judas separates Esterillos Oeste beach from the better known Playa Hermosa. At high tide, expect a strong swell with a rocky bottom at Playa Esterillos Este. A sandy bottom is found at Playa Esterillos Oeste. Fossils can be found to the north of the beach in some natural pools made by rocks.

In Playa Esterillos Oeste, check out La Sirena, a sculpture of a siren sitting on the rocks facing the ocean. As the tide comes in, water covers the pedestal of this piece, so that the statue seems to rise from the surface of the sea. La Sirena was cast in bronze by the sculptor Albino Valverde.

Black Sand and Surf

Unlike some other Costa Rican beach spots, the Esterillos beaches are passable all year and easily accessible by road. There will be other visitors to these locales:  both locals and touristas.

Black Sand Surf: Costa Rica Surf School Playa Esterillos, Costa Rica

There you can do a lot of recreational activities: surfing, snorkeling, diving, swimming, hiking on foot and on horseback, camping. In the area there are large number of accommodation and cabins, and a runway for those of you with private planes.

A special thanks to my friend Nelson of Black Sand Surf for the pics. He is an old friend from Isla Margarita and an all around good guy.

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This project, Beach Spot, has been a lingering thought for nearly 20 years. It started on a crazy offshore Venezuelan island, Isla Margarita, during the first dot com craze. The idea evolved while life continually got in the way. A decade was spent on a Mediterranean island as well as a number of years chasing the sun in the USVI. Back living stateside in San Diego, this project will hopefully be an enjoyable look at a number of beach towns.


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