Playa Parguito, Margarita Island, Venezuela

By Tee1

One of the most fun exotic beach spots in the world is Playa Parguito. It is located in Isla Margarita, Venezuela. As you may know, Venezuela at the moment is in extreme crisis – late July 2017. Do not go here. The people are incredibly nice, cool and beautiful, but in general its too dangerous.

Once Isla Margarita is relatively safe again

Playa Parguito is a popular surfing beach with big waves occasionally. It is always a lot of fun. There may not be very many restaurants, so bringing your own for a picnic is not a horrible idea. Most of the time, its safe to be in the water here. Be aware there might be rip tides. For a number of years, I swam on this beach frequently and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Watch what the locals are doing if you are unsure about what is going on. However, remember that it is ultimately up to you to make sure you are ok.

Visited by young locals and tourists alike, Playa Parguito is one of the most popular and commercial beaches on Margarita Island. To the south, there is a dune which visitors typically check out to enjoy a phenomenal panoramic view of this 2 miles beach. Additionally, in the distance, you can see a couple islets used for fishing, Los Frailes. I have been on a few reasonably cool dives there.

Where is Playa Parguito?  11°07′N  63° 50′W

Playa Parguito (Parguito Beach) can be found on the Northeast end of Isla Margarita. The beach is approximately long but only about 20 m wide. The waters tend to be more oceanic at Playa Parguito which has made it a perfect place for surfing than on the other side of island like Playa El Yaque. Even though the beach at Parguito does not offer as many restaurants and other conveniences like Playa el Agua, it is still very well liked by the surfing crowd and also the more civilized visitors.

The beach is named Playa Parguito after a common fish found on Isla Margarita. This spectacular beach has many amenities available. In the past it did anyway. The way things are now…its rather unlikely.

Public parking
Beach Bars
Beach Sellers

As previously mentioned, be careful in the water here. This is a famous surf spot with currents and waves.  There are lifeguards who mean well, but this is Venezuela. Before the disaster that befell this nation, this beach was packed and an extremely festive place, especially on weekends.

The sand is whitish and fine brown.  The water is in the upper 70s to low 80s year round. It is refreshing, and can feel cool due to the heat of the island.

Playa Parguito, Isla Margarita Basics

  • Located to the south of Playa El Agua
  • Popular with surfers
  • Approx. 1 km long
  • Lots of sand / wide beach area
  • Limited number of restaurants/bars
  • Beach chairs, shades available to rent


Allow somebody to watch over/ take care of your car.

Stay close to restaurants and lifeguards, and on arrival you will be offered awnings and chairs for your comfort. This person usually also provides food and drink services.

Cash is king. Its unlikely your cards would be able to be accepted.

Never lose sight of your belongings, it is not common thefts but prevention is better.