Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

By Tee1

Looking for a family fun summer vacation? The boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach has something for most tastes. From Henna tattoos, games of “skill”, salt water taffy, classy t-shirts, pizza joints, an aquarium, bars, to upscale dining, the Point Pleasant boardwalk is a lot of fun.  Don’t take yourself so seriously for a few hours and enjoy this cool beach vacation spot for what it is.

“This is a very good Land to fall with and a pleasant Land to see.” – Sept, 1609

If you are looking for a once in a lifetime beach vacation to an exotic place that people have trouble pronouncing, and don’t know exactly where it is…well, this might not be it. If the thought of happy hour in a tiki bar on the Jersey Shore is how you do things, you probably know the Point boardwalk already.

Where is Point Pleasant Beach? 40° 09′ N 74°, 05′ W

Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk

In search of fortune and glory at the turn of the 17th century, the explorer Henry Hudson and his crew on the Half Moon, saw the town of Point Pleasant beach. The Leni Lenape Native Americans were the initial residents of the area.

“This is a very good Land to fall with and a pleasant Land to see.” So described the area by one of Captain Hudson’s men, Robert Juet, on September 2, 1609. Hudson and Juet did map and navigate the Hudson River, but they ultimately failed in their quest for the mythical Northwest Passage (a route to the spice riches of China/Indonesia). Hudson’s crew mutinied a few years later, casting him along with his son and 7 others adrift. They were never heard from again.

Point Pleasant Beach is a pretty sleepy beach community that tries to stay out of the news. Unfortunately, it sustained serious damage during Super Storm Sandy in 2012. Before that, the last time it made national news was when William McKinley was still residing in the white house, in February of 1900!  A Scottish steel hulled barque was blown ashore and became stranded in Point Pleasant beach, that fateful day. (Kidding). The vessel was re-floated two days later and managed to finish the journey from Cape Town to NYC without incident.

Today’s Point Pleasant Beach has a boardwalk that is nearly a mile long. The beach is wide and comfortable for spending some time. Badges are required here as well, but once you wrap your head around that, it is a lovely beach spot for your summer vacation. Of course, it is comparable to the other beach towns in the area, but it feels just a little more informal and fun than the Sea Girt beach or even the beach in Manasquan.

There are a ton of beach activities. You can build sand castles with your toddler one day and go fishing on a charter boat the next with your college roommates. Surfing, sailing, jet-skiing, swimming and people watching are all fun ideas. Point Pleasant Beach is connected to the city by train.