One of the Best California Beach Vacations : Powerhouse Park, Del Mar

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Del Mar Beach : So Cal Vacation Destination

The scenic Del Mar beach is easily one of the most agreeable in Southern California. A great beach spot for running, walking, surfing, or just watching the world go by. The Del Mar city beach is more than two miles of sandy bliss. The beach is an integral part of this seaside community.

Since 1937, equally important to Del Mar as the world class beach, is the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. The track has a famed history and is a special place worth visiting. The first visitors 80 years ago were welcomed by Bing Crosby!  The track can be found on the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The fairgrounds also host the San Diego County Fair. Del Mar seems like the least likely location to find monster trucks and farm animals for sale, but it is fun.

[pullquote] In the 1963 Beach Boys’ song Surfin’ U.S.A. , Del Mar is the first surfing location mentioned[/pullquote]

“By the sea” or “of the sea” are the English translations for Del Mar. This California beach city in San Diego County had an estimated population of 4,311 in 2014. Colonel Jacob Taylor had a vision for a seaside resort catering to the rich and famous. To an extent, his dream has largely been realized. In 1885, he purchased 338 acres from Enoch Talbert and the rest is history.

Where is Powerhouse Park?  32°96′N 117°27′W

Another elegant beach spot in California

In the beach city of Del Mar, Powerhouse park is both a nice beach spot and great park simultaneously. Powerhouse park is on a Northern San Diego and is not as crowded as some other regional beaches. It is considered more of a local beach.

“Where the surf meets the turf.”

If you get here bright and early, this beach spot has BBQ areas available on a first come basis.  It’s a good destination, if you want to play for a couple hours in the sand. Powerhouse Park also has a big grassy area, if you don’t want to get sandy. This sophisticated beach location has enough to keep all personality levels satisfied on a Southern California beach vacation.

Fun things to do on the beach in Del Mar

As we find out with age, not everything is fun. Going to the Del Mar beach is mostly a wonderful experience. There might be an exception to that unfortunately. The parking for the beach is extremely limited. There are some lots in the area, but they are on the expensive side. If you are on vacation, whatever, its no big deal. As a day to day matter, its an annoyance. Free parking is available, but you are going to have to walk up a few blocks. Its not the biggest thing in the world, but is definitely worth knowing about. Now, onto the fun stuff!

  • At most of the Del Mar beaches, there are good surfing conditions.
  • Swimming is good
  • South of 15th Street, the biking and jogging is great on the coast.
  • People watching
  • Volleyball

In WW2, a Naval Auxiliary Air Facility for blimps was operated by the US Navy in Del Mar.

Best California Beach Vacation Spot

The Del Mar city beach starts at Powerhouse Park and extends north through to the lagoon entrance of the San Dieguito River. On the other side of the lagoon entrance is the immensely popular, Dog Beach. At all times, it’s likely there will be a good sized crowd of dogs playing and enjoying the water.  Parking here will be difficult to find on nice days.

The grass at Powerhouse park makes a good meeting point, if you are spending an afternoon on the beach in Del Mar. With a number of delicious restaurants in the vicinity, food options are plentiful. If you are looking for ease of use, there are also a few picnic tables in the grassy park.

Get to the beach early to enjoy a full day. At high tide, expect the beach to be narrow. The sunset in Del Mar is spectacular, like most of the other beaches in Southern California. When you decide to stroll, there will be steep bluffs to the south of the Park. Next to Powerhouse Park is Seagrove Park. Like Powerhouse Park, this is also a dog friendly beach spot with a canine water fountain.

At the southern edge of Del Mar is the Los Peñasquitos Lagoon.

 Powerhouse Park, Del Mar – what a beautiful beach

Del Mar’s climate is possible the most desirable climate in the United States. Of course, that is highly subjective, but with an average yearly temperature in Del Mar of approximately 65F it is plausible. The temperature exceeds 85F infrequently, and rarely falls below 40F. The warm dry summer and mild humid winters are reminiscent of living on the beach in the Mediterranean.

The elusive Torey Pine tree is found on the beach in Del Mar with a range that extends down to the nude beach/ surf spot Black’s Beach. Only two populations of this rarest pine, Pinus torreyanaexist.

Hot tip: Spend at least one day on the beach in Del Mar in your life

In years gone by, between the San Diego beaches and Oceanside, the iconic Del Mar Station was the only passenger station stop. The track also brought in large numbers of visitors from Los Angeles. Gradually, the stop was phased out with the move of the Coaster commuter rail to Solana Beach. Eventually Amtrak also moved away from the Del Mar Beach.

Keep an eye out for the following on the Del Mar Beach:

  • Drew Brees, quarterback of the New Orleans Saints.
  • Anthony Robbins, self-help writer and motivational speaker, lived in “The Castle” in Del Mar.
  • Tony Hawk, skateboarder and business entrepreneur, was raised in Del Mar.

Former Residents

  • Desi Arnaz maintained a residence in North Del Mar on the beach west of Highway 101 near the Del Mar Racetrack after his divorce from Lucille Ball; was arrested once for brandishing a firearm and ordering people off of his beach area; resided there into the late 1960s.
  • Jimmy Durante, lived on the beach for many years and has a street named after him.
  • Willie Shoemaker, jockey, lived in North Del Mar on beach west of US 101 near Del Mar Racetrack.