Punta Cometa: Sunsets on the Path to Happiness

By Tee1

Punta Cometa, Oaxaca

The Pacific Coast of Mexico is an amazing place, especially for beach fans. In Oaxaca, there is a beach spot called Punta Cometa, on the hippy trail to happiness. It’s a very laid back destination with long white beaches, blue skies and killer sunsets. It is a great idea to come here to disconnect, not to check Instagram.

[pullquote]“Great place to see the sunset! Bring good shoes since there’s a small hike involved.”[/pullquote]

Punta Cometa is one of the more prominent peninsulas in Southern Mexico. To the east of the peninsula is Playa Mazunte while in the other direction to the west, one finds Playa Mermejita. Both are spectacular in their own rights. Punta Cometa is also known as Cerro Sagrado, or the Sacred Hill. From this magical place you can see the sun both rise and set every day. How cool. This location is the most southwestern point in Mexico.

Where is Punta Cometa? 15°66′S 96°56′W

A healing location: Punta Cometa Magic

There is a Community Nature Reserve, a national park, in Punta Cometa which is important for migratory birds as well as marine species, like whales. Whales travel through the region from December through March.

Punta Cometa sees visitors, that typically believe it to be a magical or healing location. If you are searching for wisdom, chances are you want to visit this enchanting place in Mexico and pay your respects or tribute.

Aztec artifacts

There is a small stone wall that was built by a military group of Aztecs at Punta Cometa in pre-Hispanic times. What is left of the wall is called the stone corral, “Corral de Piedra”. Local myths say that there is hidden Aztec treasure in the rocky outcrop of Punta Cometa. Punta Cometa may or may not have treasure, but it definitely has a strategic 360 degree view of the area. Both Spanish soldiers and pirates used the area to their advantage in the colonial period.

Mexican pirates in Punta Cometa

In addition to pirates and conquistadors, none other than the Dali Lama has taken an active interest in the area. In a call for world peace, the spiritual leader of Tibet sent a vessel to Punta Cometa. On its journey to the beaches of southern Mexico, this vessel had previously stopped in over 150 countries. It seems more than reasonable, that there is something to this spot which makes it magical and a healing place.

Due to its long distance views, Punta Cometa is an amazing place to watch the sunset. Punta Cometa is the southernmost point in the state of Oaxaca. From the beach in Mazunte, it is a rocky cape sticking out from the western part of the tropical beach.

The Dali Lama and Mexico

Getting to the point and back requires a beautiful walk that takes about an hour without stopping from Calle Rinconcito. From Calle Rinconcito, use the path towards Playa Mermejita. Immediately after the cemetery, go left. Head down to the right along the Sendero Corral de Piedra Poniente. In slightly less than half an hour, you’ll be there.

Hike along the Beach with the Pacific in the Background

Start your hike an hour before sunset from the Mazunte beach up to Punta Cometa for maximum enjoyment. Something to consider, once the sun sets, it will be pitch dark. Don’t forget a flashlight for the walk back. Each way the hike is really only about 2 km, so it’s physically easy.

Beach Vacation to Punta Cometa

Surprisingly, you will find that the vast majority of people watching the sun set into the Pacific Ocean are tourists from everywhere. The locals might be represented by as little as 15-20% of the total number of people. Chances are there will be a few hundred people that have made the trek out to Punta Cometa. The view of the cliffs, ocean expanses and the sun is inspiring.

Amazing Whale Watching Opportunities in Mexico

If you are planning a beach vacation out here, the peak seasons are Semana Santa and Christmas. It’s crowded and a bit more expensive, but there is a reason for that. During those two times of year, you should definitely have reservations instead of just showing up and hoping for the best.