Ramla Bay Beach Gozo

By Tee1

For the best beach spot in Gozo and arguable Malta’s also, visit Ramla Bay Beach Gozo. Locally, its commonly referred to as “Ramla il-Ħamra” or the Red Sandy Beach due it being a wide stretch of red sand. At the Ramla Bay Beach Gozo, locals and tourists alike enjoy this wonderfully exotic beach spot for swimming, snorkeling or chilling in the sun.

Knock wood, but presently (2017), around the beach, this area is wonderfully undeveloped. The rate of change in Malta and to a lesser extent Gozo is astounding. So if you are interested in a beach vacation in picturesque Mediterranean village before it becomes fully modernized, visit in the next few years.

Where is Ramla Bay? 36°03′N 14°17′E

Ramla Bay Beach Gozo does have a couple of cafes and a stall set back from the beach where you can get very simple beach fare. Its dirt cheap and very good. Be warned that this is not the place for a gourmet meal. If you are looking for a burger and fries, some ice cream or a cold beer…you will be satisfied.

Ramla Bay: Best Beach in Gozo

The sand dunes are protected and the valley leading down to the bay is green and fertile. The terraced walls built by the farmers give the valley an appearance of a quilt when viewed from surrounding high ground.

Is Calypso’s Cave at Ramla Bay Beach Gozo?

At this unique area both history and myth intermingle. Under the sands, Roman remains can be located. Ramla Bay is reached from ix-Xagħra, on one of the hills overlooking the valley, or from the village of in-Nadur. To the bay from Xagħra, its about a 40 minute walk. The Ramla Bay beach is located at the bottom of a pleasant valley on the island of Gozo’s north side. It is also possible to get to the beach here from Nadur village. There is a regular bus service, which may sound unusual to North Americans. Buses are actually used in the Maltese islands.

View from Calypso’s Cave

When Ramla Bay and its beach are viewed from the high ridges surrounding it, the terraced walls have been said to give the area a quilt like look. Engulfed by hillsides on to both the east and west, the Ramla Bay beach offers magnificent views of the local farmer’s gardens and orchards. A sandy path on the eastern hillside leads up to site of Calypso Cave. Unfortunately, the cave has been closed to exploration due to safety reasons in the past few years.

Into Calypso’s Cave

According to local lore, this is the cave referred to by Homer in The Odyssey. The nymph Calypso lived in this cave and it is where she entertained Ulysses for seven years before he resumed his journey. Calypso Cave is in fact a series of caves and, according to some, these extend right down to the sea.

Suggestion for a Beach Vacation to Gozo

Gozo is a special place. If you have the chance to visit, do it. Its very affordable and incredibly nice. There is 0 crime, and the people are welcoming. There is not much more than a couple clubs and great places to eat. Lots of good options for staying as well. I have been to the island about a dozen times and it does not disappoint. It is about an hour ferry from Malta. There are a number of reasons to visit throughout the year in addition to a cool cheap beach vacation, Gozo’s Carnival is the primary reason to visit. Ramla Bay Beach Gozo is relaxing and refreshing in some new age pseudo hippy kinda way. But its ancient.


A special thanks goes out to Marcus, Neil and of course Charcoal Mike for an unforgettable trip. Cheers for the picture and laughs Marcus.