Saint Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands

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Saint Helier Beach Vacation

Saint Helier is the capital and also one of the twelve parishes of the island of Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands. It is a little more than 4 square miles and has a population of 33,000. The majority of the parish is rural, however the urban spot is the largest town in Jersey. The Saint Helier beach is great for your morning stroll overlooking the English Channel. Dividing England and Northern France is the English Channel, a part of the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, this body of water connects the Atlantic to the North Sea.

The United Kingdom’s constitution makes it legally responsible for the defense of Jersey, even though Jersey is a not part of the UK.

Considered to be some of the best beach spots in the British Isles, Jersey and its 45 miles of shoreline are fantastically different from one another. Some like the Saint Helier beach, are easier to access and hence have become more popular.

Where is Saint Helier?  49°19′N 2°11′W

Only located about 14 miles from the Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy, France, and 100 miles to the south of England, the Bailiwick of Jersey is the largest Channel Island. This island can easily be visited if you are enjoying a vacation on the beaches of France.

On an island with 45 miles of beach spots, like Jersey, there is a wide range of options for beach vacations and quick holidays. Some of the more popular busy resorts include Havre Des Pas, Long Beach at Gorey and of course the famous St Brelade’s Beach. Standard holiday activities abound like any quality Caribbean beach resort. If you look further, with all this coastline, its quite easy to locate more quiet and out of the way beaches, such as Beauport.

Frequently appearing on post cards and advertisements, Jersey’s best beaches are a top island attraction. There are a multitude of types of beach on the island ranging from pebbles or rocks to a fine golden sand depending upon your location.

By far,  St. Aubin’s Bay, St. Brelade’s Bay and St. Ouen’s Bay are the most popular beaches in Jersey for families. The largest beach on the island at 5 miles is St. Ouen’s Bay. You can expect to always find space on this gigantic beach spot. A much smaller location but incredibly scenic is Plemont Bay. It might be smaller, but Plemont features caves, waterfalls and cliffs.

Another notable long beach is St. Ouen’s beach, featuring five miles of golden sand. The tidal surge is dramatic here. St. Ouen’s might have Europe’s best beach break as well. If you visit Jersey for surfing, this is your beach. In general, there is a lot of fun beach stuff to be found here.


Best Beaches in Jersey, Channel Islands

It is commonly believed that the area of the Saint Helier beach was settled about the same time as Roman control of Gaul. Saint Helier is the patron saint of Jersey and is invoked as a healing saint for skin and eye disease. He was a sixth century ascetic hermit who was martyred by Saxon pirates in the year of our Lord 555. The town was a small fishing village at the time.

Saint Helier Beach was the location of the Parish Church at the time of its construction. However, these days it is a fair distance from the ocean due to land reclamation projects. At one time, boats could be tied up to the churchyard wall.

The weather in Jersey and the Saint Helier beach is cool with mild summers and wet winters. The summer is sunnier, but cooler than Southern England. While it is possible, snow fall is rare.  Being located in the English Channel, this island beach spot should appeal to those with a keen sense of history and can be considered an exotic beach for people from the Americas.