Seaside Heights Beach, New Jersey

By Tee1

Back in the 80’s when hair in New Jersey was really big, rock gods Bon Jovi fell “In and Out of Love” on the Seaside Heights Beach and boardwalk.  The glory of this beach town struck again a quarter of a century later with the hit MTV show, Jersey Shore. “We can’t even calculate the economic benefit” to to Seaside Heights beach said the director of the borough’s business improvement district. The first I came across the show, I binged watched season 1 in its entirety and promptly named a kitten Snookie.

Seaside Heights Beach, NJ is a popular resort community on the Atlantic Ocean. There is a beautiful wide beach and number of bars and clubs to party alongside a ride filled boardwalk. The season officially runs from March through October, with the crowds taking over in July and August. During those peak months, the population more than doubles from 30,000 to over 60,000

Where is Seaside Heights Beach?  39°95′ N 74°08′ W


Self billed as “Your Home For Family Fun Since 1913!”, Seaside Heights appears to have strayed from squeaky clean beach fun occasionally over the years. Most notably by the obnoxious anti-social behavior of the cast of Jersey Shore. Anyway, the town saw an issue and is working diligently to fix it.

2017 New Rules Seaside Heights Beach

New Jersey, being New Jersey requires beach badges. No surprise here for most people on the East Coast. Starting Memorial Day weekend, this year the beach community has increased the hours of life guard coverage until 9pm on weekend nights.  Except to fisherman, the water will be closed during all other hours.

Smoking and vaping are now prohibited on the beach. A new ordinance bans certain tents and umbrellas as well. Please don’t feed the seagulls, and other animals such as dogs, cats or foxes. Yes, foxes. Apparently, they are making a comeback. Either way, stay away or ignore them.

Feeding foxes is banned in Seaside Heights Beach

Open for the entire season and 100% all public, Seaside Heights Beaches have frequent public access points where daily badges are available.  In addition to the lovely Atlantic Ocean beaches, this coastal community’s main attraction or raison d’etre , is the boardwalk. There are a lot of various wheels and other games of chance to have a go at fortune and glory. The available prizes are about as expected. It’s not terribly different than you will find on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant beach. If I were to compare the two boardwalks, I would say Seaside Heights is bigger and bolder with more stuffed animals, bicycles and shiny prizes.

Winters on the Seaside Heights Beach, will be cold and wet. Some bars and arcades will be open. It will be slow, but a nice change of pace if you happen to be in the area.

Located on a long barrier peninsula separating the Atlantic Ocean from Barnegat Bay, the beach at Seaside Heights, attracts a huge young crowd of revelers. The crowds come for the fun and games on the boardwalk and the club/ bar scene.

Usually, this is not my scene. It certainly isn’t my father’s. He was a trooper a few years ago when I was visiting and took me down to see this beach spot. Thank you pops.