2017 Semana Santa en Isla Margarita

By Tee1

Semana Santa Isla Margarita is extreme to say the least. Massive crowds on the beach and intensely hot weather. Loud parties with impossibly beautiful people on spectacular Venezuelan beaches.  Sounds like fun, no? Semana Santa Isla Margarita is full on insanity on an exotic tropical party island.

Todo es possible en Margarita

Isla Margarita is situated less than 20 miles from the coast of the South American mainland. The island is 48 miles long and no more than 12 miles wide with a population around 450,000. Margarita is roughly split into two halves. The western half, the Macanao peninsula, is a desert. The other side is where the fun takes place.

Semana Santa is the week before Easter. Technically, it does not include Easter Sunday. Semana Santa Isla Margarita is basically Spring Break on steroids for wealthy South Americans and other hardy souls.


In 2017, there is no way that I would suggest visiting Margarita if you are not Venezuelan. The country is a disaster. Things are incredibly dangerous and desperate on this former slice of paradise. While Isla Margarita is definitely a lot safer than the mainland it should still be avoided until the government changes and stability is restored.

I lived in Margarita for a few years a long time ago. My memories are from a much simpler time. Before the world and Venezuela both descended to hell.

The Venezuelan people I met are the best. The food was pretty good and the beer ice cold. It was quite affordable during the time I lived there. Beers cost around a quarter on the beach and would be delivered to your chair by a near-by restaurant. There were women and children that would walk along the beach selling ice cream and also ceviche servings. I had read a WHO health warning against eating the ceviche, so “wisely” avoided it for my first year or so. That was until one of my local friends offered me a sampling of it.

Ok. Yes, I probably risked something painful and horrible being the gringo that I am. That said, it was one of the best things I have ever eaten. Very soon, it became a part of my diet. Anyway…

Semana Santa Isla Margarita

The party starts on Palm Sunday and rages for a week. Clubs from Miami would set up for the holiday. There were free concerts. Drinking and dancing around the clock. The island shut down out of necessity.  The city of Caracas appeared to have relocated to Playa el Agua. In recent years, the party has moved to el Yaque and Playa Parguito. I read earlier this year, that the bars and restaurants in Playa el Agua had been knocked down by an overzealous politician. Shame.

Gracias a mi chama – Johanna por las fotos. Cuídate