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Silver Strand State Beach, California

Where is Silver Strand Beach?

Located less than 5 miles south from the refined elegance of Coronado on California State Route 75, lies the San Diego, California’s Silver Strand State Beach. With over 125 campsites available on a first come, first serve basis and parking for up to 1,000 cars in four very large parking lots, this state park has great facilities. The Silver Strand State Beach is popular recreation destination. On this gorgeous Southern California beach only a few miles away from the glory of Tijuana, Mexico, the possibilities for fun and entertainment are expansive. It is certainly one of the best beaches in San Diego.

Enjoy 2.5 miles of silver shells (thus the Silver Strand)

Just a few suggestions for beach activities here include camping steps away from the surf of the Pacific Ocean, swimming, sailing, surfing, playing volleyball, fishing or more.  This is not only one of the best beaches in the Continental United States, but it compares well with just about anywhere in the world for a low key beach vacation.

Where is the Silver Strand? 32.64°N,  117.14° W

California State Beach - Silver Strand

It is the ideal beach spot for a barbecue or a picnic. Depending upon how well the fisherman in your group do, your lunch might include some combination of these fish: grunion, corbina, perch or a yellow-fin croaker. If your anglers fail, no worries- civilization is not that far away, no matter how remote this beach spot seems. If you decide to explore, be prepared for a wide variety of shells and possibly a sand dollar!

Silver Strand State Beach: camp close to the Pacific Ocean

The Strand, or the Silver Strand, located in San Diego County, is a sandy isthmus that measures 7 miles (11 km) long. Imperial Beach and Coronado Island are connected together by the Strand which is partially located within the Silver Strand State Beach.

Come November, look out for the Silver Strand Half Marathon

The San Diego Bay, so important to the US Navy, is sheltered by the Strand and also Point Loma peninsula. State Highway 75 connects the disparate beach communities of the border town, Imperial Beach, with the glamorous Coronado Island along the strand. This is an immensely popular spot for running and biking. Come November, look out for the Silver Strand Half Marathon.

San Diego's Silver Strand State Beach

The Silver Strand State Beach is reasonably off the beaten path. As a state park, the crowds will be different in both size as well as in makeup from popular beaches like Mission Beach or La Jolla Shores. The beach park covers both sides of the strand (San Diego Bay and Pacific Ocean). Its even possible to find some privacy here. Along the strand on the Pacific Ocean side is an unforgettable 2.5 miles of coast with the silver shells that give their name to the Silver Strand.

Off the beaten path: Silver Strand State Beach

To both the north and south of this gem of a beach, is Department of Defense property. The Naval Amphibious Base Coronado is to the north and in the other direction you find the Silver Strand Training Complex. The one and only Navy SEALs training happens on those beaches in the very cold water.

The “doors open” to the park at 7am all year. Closing time is a bit more fluid. If it matters, contact the park directly. Camping is permitted, BUT only for those with self-contained vehicles, motor-homes, or trailers. So writing or calling the park directly is a great idea.

The Silver Strand Park

Silver Strand State Beach: Bay and Ocean Beaches

Bathrooms and showers are available to the public. Memorable views of the San Diego Bay can be had from the bay side. Under state highway 75, from the parking lots there are 3 tunnels that lead to the bay side. Cars/ vehicles are not allowed to use the tunnels. Pedestrians only on the bay side.

No dogs allowed

Not surprisingly, the bay side has water that is typically a bit warmer and calm. This makes for better conditions to swim. Keep your eyes open for treasures. You never know what lurks beneath the surface.


This project, Beach Spot, has been a lingering thought for nearly 20 years. It started on a crazy offshore Venezuelan island, Isla Margarita, during the first dot com craze. The idea evolved while life continually got in the way. A decade was spent on a Mediterranean island as well as a number of years chasing the sun in the USVI. Back living stateside in San Diego, this project will hopefully be an enjoyable look at a number of beach towns.


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