Swami’s Beach, Encinitas, California

By Tee1

Located in the beautiful Southern California town of Encinitas, the internationally known Swami’s beach or reef is a immensely popular and occasionally crowded surf spot. Swami’s beach is right next door to a Self-Realization Fellowship ashram. Hence the name.

Some parking is available above Swami’s beach in a small park on the cliff. There aren’t many spots, but don’t worry if you can’t find a space, as there is lots of parking available on the street with a couple minute walk. The little park has public toilets, and a few picnic tables and benches to watch the surf or just talk to the people.

Where is Swami’s Beach?  33°2′N 117°17′W

The crowd is interesting due to a combination of being located next to Swami’s ashram and also because it’s a famous surf spot. There are some mobile homes with long time travelers, people doing yoga, surfers, tourists, assorted hippies, and dropouts from society. Chances are there are some people making music too. There is a lot going on with nice views of Swami’s beach. I saw a photo shoot on the sand, featuring a very attractive young woman.

Swami’s Beach Spot : May 1st 2017

In addition to borderline carnival like atmosphere, the park provides access to the beach and waters below via a long wooden staircase leading down the cliff to a small sandy beach. Conveniently, there is a shower next to the stairs. Swami’s beach in Encinitas has a lifeguard station as well.

SoCal Surf Spot: Swami’s Beach, Encinitas

This Southern California beach spot stretches for about a mile. The surrounding cliffs provide impressive views from the beach as well as on top. To the south, there are a few houses built overlooking the area. Building is restricted, which enhances the beauty of this surf spot.

Swami’s rocky point is a couple of hundred yards north of the life guard station. The break is fairly far off the shore. The waves are best in the winter months, so expect the crowds to grow accordingly.

Twelve distinct habitats can be found in the diverse waters around Swami’s Reef. The reef is partially exposed at low tide allowing for sea hares, brittle stars and the occasional octopus to be seen. The flat rocks also contain preserved fossils up to 45 million years old. Some of the creatures that might be seen here include: halibut, lobster, and grunion in either the kelp forest or surf grass.

If you are on a beach vacation to Southern California, Swami’s Encinitas beach is worth a look. Of course, its worth a bit more for if you want to surf it. There are a number of places to eat on the road in either direction. Its about a 45 minute drive from the popular beaches of San Diego or La Jolla.