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Laguna Beach Vacation and California Surf Spots

By Tee1

Laguna Beach Vacation Widely known for a number of reasons, including a reality show, the small coastal city of Laguna Beach should be should be close to the top of your list of beach vacation spots. With a number of art galleries, great places to eat, and surf spots, Laguna Beach has a lot more…

Antigua Beaches and Vacation Packages

By Tee1

Antigua beaches are some of the nicest in the Caribbean. This tropical island is famously blessed with 365 beaches. It is approximately 14 miles by 11 miles, or roughly 2.5 times the size of Washington, D.C. Funny how so many islands like to compare themselves to DC geographically. 8o thousand souls are resident on this…

Brittany Beach Vacation

By Tee1

Is it time to book a Brittany beach vacation? The entire world knows that Brittany has the best beaches in France.  Where do you start when there are over 600 miles/1000Km of spectacular coastline? Are you looking to lounge around and do nothing? Is swimming in calm waters more your style and walking along the…