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Visit Big Corn Island: Best Nicaragua Beach Vacation Spots

By Tee1

Nicaragua Beach Vacation Spots on the Caribbean Coast A bit more than 40 miles off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua is Big Corn Island. With her sister, Little Corn Island, they make up the las Islas del Maíz. Formerly a British protectorate for over 200 years (1655-1860), the Corn Islands and the eastern half of Nicaragua was…

Coki Beach St.Thomas

By Tee1

The water at Coki Beach St. Thomas is your cliché postcard of a fun tropical beach. The water at Coki Beach is simply unbelievable. In addition to looking like it has been photoshopped, the water at Coki Beach St. Thomas is teeming with aquarium quality tropical fish.  Actually, a lot of these are actual aquarium fish…